September 21, 2018

Today, the World Is in Dire Need of Peace: Boroujerdi's Message in International Day of Peace

Today, everywhere, especially in Islamic countries, such as Iran, people have hated against religions. As a founder of Monotheism without Borders, I am also in agreement with these people, and I understand them. Indeed, a professional and scientific performance is required to modifying and removing the effects of the abuse of the religion. However, it is not efficient to follow shallow thinking, attacking and criticizing of religion and confront religious notes that emerged from the violence of religions.
The full text of the message is as follows:
Peace comes from rectification, and in general, we can define that anything that has flaws or defects, such as filth and mistreatment, needs to be corrected. Repairing homes, editing books or texts, hair cutting, and shaving one’s face are examples of falsely rectifying a situation.
The opposite of rectification is deterioration; human beings have a degree of innate purity, but little by little they tend to become more deviant. The consequences of being deviant are that the person becomes corrupted due to the impact of the conditions of their environment. In a way, this is like when germs and viruses enter the body and not only do they cause an infection; furthermore, it’s also like injuries by various beatings and/or accidents. Therefore, the body requires medicine and treatment under the supervision of expert physicians. Similarly, if the human soul, mind or spirit get in trouble, their life becomes ruined and needs to be restored.
 Also, in social aspect, trouble and social problems which confront society should be addressed by peacemaker. Peacemakers are highly sensitive people to the destruction of human society. Peacemakers are concerned about the society; they are very conscientious; as a result, they are concerned about the society and can try to alleviate the problems in the society.
Today, the world is in dire need of peace, a peace that comes from peaceful understanding and life without problems. We cannot express peace against war, it means that only trying to not fight in the world, or reform in a country and respect human rights, but to achieve real peace, everything that ruin serenity of people should be solved!  In an economic status, when a person has a financial problem, they will do everything even practicing crime to survive, and they will disregard values even if they lose their dignity. History has shown it.
When in all countries, the governance corrects its systems of governing especially from an economic aspect, as a result, the peace in the world will be stable and sustainable; therefore, there is a decrease in discrimination, oppression and selfishness which would be the ultimate goal. Discrimination means that a percentage of people in the world live with different circumstances, some eat well and live well; however, the overwhelming majority in a nation or the nations of the world are stuck in a predicament and suffer from severe diseases.
Inner Peace is also a spiritual need that everyone by virtue of his or her personality traits saturates his or her inner spirituals needs. Religions consider this issue and claim that they are able to respond to the spiritual need with an invisible God, but their claim fails.
Today, everywhere, especially in Islamic countries, such as Iran, people have hated against religions. As a founder of Monotheism without Borders, I am also in agreement with these people, and I understand them. Indeed, a professional and scientific performance is required to modifying and removing the effects of the abuse of the religion. However, it is not efficient to follow shallow thinking, attacking and criticizing of religion and confront religious notes that emerged from the violence of religions.
As a specialist in the field of religion, I have had research for four decades that lead me to significant discoveries of the evil in religion. I also revealed contradictions by showing inadaptability between religious contexts and religious records, and I collected all the documentation. This movement was purposeful and despite the many dangers and hardships I've had so far; I found religions unsuccessful in identifying the creator of this world. I am able to correct this by presenting a doctrine of “Monotheism without Borders.”
In the field of politics, I have to mention to the politicians who did not carry out their responsibility that throughout the world, people have suffered discrimination, poverty, and various problems.  I want to have a word with the Iranian politicians who are living abroad, and ask them “which one of you, as politicians, are outside of Iran and understand the pain of the Iranian people? Do you really know the sense of pain?As a specialist in this field, what is your solution to escape from the current situation that leads to severe pressure for our people? Where do you want to go with your 40-year-old slogans? Where are your practical recorded commitments? Do you believe that encouraging people for protest in the street are really the solution, while it has caused purposeless casualties and losses of numerous of individuals?
Today is called the International Peace Day, I ask you if it's not time to consider your past situation, do you not feel the need to improve your vision, thinking and deed? Even though it was possible for me to leave the country, I did not go. I stay in order to experience it first hand, feel the pain of my people with all my self, and so I can easily sympathize with their suffering.
Without compliments ladies and gentlemen, I must say that “peace in this world would be a joke” with such a policy governing that surrounded the world. In other words, large politicians are looking to obtain their own financial advantage or benefit while small politicians have no choice except following the plan of global politicians, imitating their manners.  Indeed, the lower politicians have to comply with them because if they are not aligned in harmony with them, they not only will be removed from the politic cycle, subject to exclusion and isolation, but also their financial resources will be discontinued. Then it is interesting that they criticize and complain "why we used the name of monotheism!” Unaware of the fact that monotheism without borders indicates that we have tested all religions, and we have come to the conclusion that not only are religions not useful for humanity, but also they have been the cause of the misery of nations and insolvency over thousands of years.
Monotheism also indicates the existence of justice in society by respecting the awakened conscience, having dignity and virtue, being philanthropic, prompting a deep feeling of compassion for the sub-human and for all our fellow men – all these are “monotheism.”
Dear attendance, be aware! Ruining is always easier than building and creating! A hundred-story building can be destroyed in a few seconds with massive explosives, but how long does it take to build such a building like that? Either, how much expertise and/ or energy do we need?
Have the people, who isolated and boycotted me, ever studied or investigated my thoughts and teachings to know what I'm saying?  They deem that I desire power, and I am poised to replace the Iranian government after they collapse! No, neither this regime will be ruined, nor I want to achieve the power of governing in Iran. However, it definitely indicates their unreasonable and irrational thoughts, their poor social status, and by a human right defender’s title, they can no longer deceive people through glamorous words, because they have no words except repetitions and for forty years this repetition has not changed anything, they have regularly organized sessions, meetings, and /or conferences, but what result or outcome has been accomplished for our nation?
Above all, what is the consequence of all international meetings and commissions which are set up and held by the superpowers?
The pressure on our nation has only increased! A nation that cannot move because they became severely suppressed, and do not trust opposition anymore. In addition, the more Sanction, the more comfortability and stability for regime. These innocent people become more miserable. Despite the millions of dissatisfied people, why are there a low number of protesters in attendance? The activity of some of this fake opposition is to be careful that someone's name does not come up and if someone has a chance to grow in power, suppress him; however, this way, instead of confronting the regime, they are in fact aligned with the Iranian government. Inside of Iran, the government suppresses us, and out of the country, the opposition suppresses my representatives and me in other way to drive us into silence, whether this is not a crime?
Evin employees said: "Since the first year, Mojahedin Khalq in Evin were preparing their clothes in jail, they were packing their suitcases, saying that “tonight, the regime is over, this week is over; this year is over,” and so on. It seems that they are delusional because their opinions are no match with the reality of Iran that we are looking at. The distance between the truth of the situation inside Iran and the views of opposition outside of Iran is as far from earth to the moon!
During these forty years, many attempts have been applied to overthrow the government and were costly, but failed because of lack of leadership and proper management. One of the most important trends in the first revolution against the regime was Ayatollah Shariatmadari, he made efforts, but unfortunately, he was intimidated by the atmosphere and could not act strongly. For this reason, Tabriz, which had been in the hands of the Muslim People's for several weeks, surrendered and a large number of people were killed. In Tabriz, a former cleric, who was a prosecutor in the first revolution, said in prison that we transferred corpses of the executed by trucks at midnight and buried them in mass graves. Bani-Sadr resisted, but as he was leaving, he said the cleric cannot rule and they would go soon. Montazeri's events happened similar to them, the opposition supported him. Likewise, Mirhossein, none of them could make any moves.
The Iranian people became passionless only because of those who now claim to defend their homeland and call themselves patriots, when this claiming does not any benefit for people, so it is fooling people, and it is not different from deeds of government inside of Iran. The opposition, who during the last few months, tried to induce people to the streets for various reasons, (they thought that revolution in 1978 would repeat).  People were discouraged, they lost their hopes they might commit suicide or they may have stroke, but they would no longer drive to revolution. When I talk about cause and pain, which is for addressing problems; they condemn me that you are stopping the movement, but it is not true! It has been forty years that this government is ruling and anyone who protests in the streets is arrested or killed. Do not forget that the same views and their deed caused me house arrest! And they stopped me from continuing political activities in prison. However, I made one or two statements a week, sharp statements which criticized Khomeini, Khamenei, the revolution and the government and after eight years of resistance and fighting, I was suppressed by the government and also by some activists in abroad, who by boycott and isolating us gave a green light to the government to stop me! The government has put me on house arrest; also the opposition has repressed my voice. In other words, the government tied a rope around my neck; also the apposition tied another rope. 

Boroujerdi, 21 Sep. 2018
Iran, Tehran, Under House Arrest

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