July 24, 2018

The Last Report on Mr. Boroujerdi’s Situation after 19 Months House Arrest

Nineteen months after temporary release of Mr. Boroujerdi, the founder of “Monotheism without Borders”, from prison which has actually turned to his house arrest, it is necessary to review his situation personally and socially.  
As an individual, he is still continuously suffering from illnesses caused by tortures and also from persecutions by the regime’s authorities since he is a political prisoner of conscience. As a result of eleven years being tortured in the jail and being deprived of medical treatment and medicines, his physical situation is severely deteriorated to the extent that after nineteen months, his diseases have remained not only untreated, but also are expanded. 

1.    Increasing pains in the legs, blockage and swelling of veins behind the knees, so due to these pains and side effects, he has become very incapable in a way that he cannot walk even by using a cane.
2.    His heart disease and pulmonary ailment are getting worse; he has a breathing disorder and shortness of breath (dyspnea) when walking, bathing and even when using the bathroom, so he often feels like he is suffocating. 
3.    The clogging and blockage of coronary arteries have led to reduced functionality and participation in daily activities of life.
4.   Shaking of the body starts from the hands to the extent that he is unable to take food or to hold a pen for writing; mostly this trembling has taken over his entire body and is so intense that he feels vibration around himself.
5.   One of the new concerns regarding his physical health is brain trauma and danger of a stroke; in a way that he loses control for a few seconds and becomes unconscious; this can also be accompanied with other physical damages.
6.    His eyesight is also another cause for concern, as both eyes have cataract and the left eye has a corneal rupture. Currently the eyesight in both eyes is impaired, and even though his eyeglasses are very strong, yet he is still unable to see correctly.
Obviously these diseases are remained from the jail period while Mr. Boroujerdi had been severely tortured, so gradually the side effects have become more distinct are revealed after nineteen months living in house arrest. Because undoubtedly the regime was planning to kill him by different plots by poisoning his drinking water, food and bed and also through injection of suspected medicines to infiltrate dangerous viruses and venoms into his body. Apart of that there were continuously suspected prisoners in the form of clergy affiliated by the regime’s intelligence services who were entering his ward with a mission of espionage or an assassination attempt (the relative reports had been provided previously by the representatives of Mr. Boroujerdi and were sent to United Nations special rapporteurs, United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights and also human rights organizations such as Amnesty International). 
Furthermore, from a public perspective, the civil rights of Boroujerdi have been entirely violated.  All of his material and spiritual investments as a public defender who represented the will of the people, have been destroyed and his efforts intentionally have not been taken into account or appreciated anywhere, causing a great deal of psychological harm to this monotheistic teacher. Such boycotts and lack of support for Mr. Boroujerdi who has been observing the gradual demolition of the country and the nation, is a double torture even harsher than physical tortures in the jail.
Actually Mr. Boroujerdi suffered from many psychological pressures and harms due to his prolonged unjust imprisonment. His thirty-five years of activities against the religious regime, resulted in his numerous jail, including imprisonments in the secret and hideous Towhid prison. These types of psychological troubles and pressures are still ongoing, just with the difference that while under a house arrest, he is with his family. However, his psychological distress is not only because of tolerating these difficulties, but is also because of the unique costs that he has paid for the type of activity he led, but have remained ineffectual. The result of this frustration, has been on one hand credit, economic, social, moral, physical and family based failures, and on the other hand he sees how his youth and health has been compromised in this path.
It is rather clear that the capital and the cost that Boroujerdi has invested in civil campaigning against the religious dictatorial regime considering its scope, depth and his creative methods, is not comparable with other individual or corporative protesting movements in the Iranian society. For example, there are young people and fresh political and social activists who were protesting and being jailed for short time and were planning to achieve refugee status abroad or same small credits, and now they are living abroad, but they are silent or looking for small wishes. But Mr. Boroujerdi is not looking for these things or such deals, because he is founder and owner of his school of thought and his ideas are pervasive. 
What contributes to Boroujerdi’s pain and sorrow is the people who tried to write the history in a distorted way. The actions of those who claimed to be advocating freedom and being the loud speakers for the independence of the country; those who claimed to have valid organizations against the Iranian regime abroad; but not only they did not support him during the twelve years of his imprisonment, but they even put a stick in his wheel as much as they could. The most prominent example among them is Mrs. Shirin Ebadi the winner of Nobel peace prize, who has stabbed government opponents in the back due to her cooperation with the lobbyist parties of the Iranian Government outside the country. Ultimately years later, her collaboration with the regime’s lobbyists has been revealed and exposed even by her confession.
These individuals, who claim to be advocating freedom, have not only oppressed Boroujerdi, but also persecuted the Iranian nation. Because if they betrayed Boroujerdi alone, he was just an individual, even though he was acting as a public prosecutor for the separation of religion from politics and put in a great deal of effort - much more than many others, but the harm and damage which they inflicted was rather to the liberation movements inside the country, which led to the disappointment of the overwhelming majority of the people. When a minority group opposing the government came out in the streets, it was suppressed, but why do the overwhelming majority of Iranian people remain silent with regards to so much oppression and persecution by the government? The entire world is surprised to see the extent of pressure that the Iranian people are enduring. The overwhelming majority is angry but silent; they are infuriated but remain calm. No one ever asked the reason why they are keeping silent?
The silence of the overwhelming majority is not because of the regime’s force – all despotic regimes were forceful, and they eventually collapsed; Ghaddafi was the superpower of Africa, who was destroyed a few years ago; Saddam was a powerful man in the Middle East; the mighty Soviet Union was the superpower of the East – yet all are gone now. The reason why this regime is still in place is merely due to the fact that people have lost hope; they get beaten up but have no hope in a group or in an individual who can hold their hand; because they have lost their hope and motivations, they tolerate, they are beaten up every day, and crushed due to the high cost of living, deficiencies, unemployment, discrimination and oppression; they are crying tears of blood but they do not resort to an uprising. This is the outcome of the injustice and oppression that those residing abroad have inflicted not on Boroujerdi but on those who aspire for freedom.
We, the representatives of Mr. Boroujerdi, the founder of monotheism without borders, are concerned about his recent physical and legal situation; Mr. Boroujerdi is at the end of his life line from a social, credit, physical and psychological point of view, and is going through the last moments of his life. Before he will leave this world, his will and desire is that the independent liberals who refused to take part in the power-mongering mafia networks, have his voice reflected in history, and to carry out a complete purge of those who had fake and false claims for fighting against oppression inside the country and abroad, and to take revenge, because he was not only oppressed by the regime but was also oppressed by those political actors who claimed to be advocates of freedom.

The Representatives of Boroujerdi, the Founder of Monotheism without Borders

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