December 01, 2008

An interview with Ayatollah Boroujerdi in Evin prison about different matters of the world

This interview was done in the beginning of 1387and in clergy section of Evin prison by a political prisoner from Karaj called Ahmad Najafi Mojtahedi who had been condemned on the charge of publishing a book against Khamenei. This interview has been brought to your ears :

1- Do you call this government ( Iran regime ) legal ?
No, because it was established base on cheating Iran nation and formed by false and unreal promises, then was continued by the obvious breach of its establisher's commitments. Its majors such as: independence, freedom, republication and Islam were never fulfilled and about its minors which were giving national properties to nation ,were fulfilled contrary to their promises and now Iranian people while have the most national and natural wealth, are the most helpless and poorest nation in the world .Economic calculations in governmental incomes and expenses are completely secret and if it is said the majority of people were asking for Islamic regime in 30 years ago ,but now the majority of them are asking for irreligious regime and this world will be proved by a referendum under inspection of the United Nations or by a public and open gathering formed by watch and support of legal and human societies of the world .

2- Do you expect the great governments to help?
The power must be balance between Iran nation and government to people of this country who are owners and inheritors of this country get their legal and incontrovertible rights. Now there is unjust and unequal domination of political regime of Iran on oppressed and miserable people of this country which freedom negation, independence annihilation, lacking of calm and finishing of the finance, credit and life ability of these noble people are its results.

3- please explain the rights and limits of women:
Woman is the partner of man in administrating the life affairs .women have the same position in creation that men has reached and each law violates their personality and credit integrity is worthless .All judgments which lead to humiliating and regressing women are the Human Rights violators. Every kind of limit and restriction which cause reduction in their success and enjoyment of life is unrespectable and unenforceable. Scientific and social fields must not cause limitation and strait for them.

4- How do you analyze the conflict between Palestine and Israel?
Bani Israel is one of the most ancient tribe in Middle East which its evidences and documents are in holy books. Since a long time ago, Arab and Hebrew races which have one root, lived together peacefully in all regions of Shamat that contains: Palestine, Jordan, Hejaz, Syria, Iraq and Lebanon, they traded, exchanged and treated friendly together. It must not be forgotten that all the inhabitants of these states are holy Abraham's children so, every kind of flight and conflict, causes to damage to their origin and separation from their root. Friendship, understanding and unity must be established among all humans in the world as each nation can progress and improve by its method and way. Every kind of war and bloodshed under any title and reason damages human spirit.

5- what's your opinion about other religions in the world?
I confirm each religion that reforms human, takes him away from animal instincts and intensifies his pure feelings. Each religion gets human nature to freedom and justice and takes him away from harshness and wildness is a honorable and good opinion and belief, the religion which prevents from war, flight, violence and despotism is my favor and mean and I don't think that the kind and gracious God I know, sends a prophet to torture society or orders to torture in his book. Spiritual beliefs are away from violation of society.

6- what kind of political regime or government do you want in Iran?
A government that prefers the republicanism to all things. The system which is administrated by all people and nation representatives with every thought and culture play active and physical role in country administration. Its authorities are real servants of society, not cheat people by slogan, The authorities who call Iranian people the owners of country and all wealth of country .the system which respects each thought, prison isn't its supporter, leaves suppressing people, accepts civil freedoms, follows national interests , avoids inquiring thoughts, guards Iranians credit and prestige, avoid enactment of the laws and orders which bring misery ,disgrace and humiliation for people, makes Iran as there is no poor and no tenant, diseases are reduce, disappointment and depression are annihilated and despair and divorce are not seen.

7- Do you believe improving the military equipments and forces is advisable for country?
There is always a higher power than each power ( it's a Persian proverb )
Whatever we increase our missile reserves and equipments, again there are another power has more advanced equipments and industry and we have to increase expenses to remove and solve this deficiency we continue increasing the expenses until we think our interest is that leave every things and continue and consider only this matter, in other word, we sacrificed all interests and profits for defensive aspects so, we get to a point that we have not water , not electricity , not gasoline , not gas ,not agriculture and not industry! We have leaved all things in order to get military independence which is endless and has not any end. Why are the people of this country the poorest nation, today? Because all they have are spent in cause of nuclear energy and attracting regional and international supports and justifying that it (nuclear matter) is peaceful! Moreover completing the military projects causes to society fear, economic falling, profits losing, increase in inflation and also increases spiritual, social and guilds insecurity and there is always conflict and engagement in country.

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Anonymous said...

all iranians love and respect Mr. Boroujerdi. His is a loving spiritualism that does not see an enemy in the other. stay strong Boroujerdi. the time is coming...

with love