November 30, 2008

Ayatollah Boroujerdi's letter to public opinions, before his exile

In the name of the great God who is the creator and guard of peace
Greeting to world peacemakers, I respect to the persons who devoted their valuable life for reforms and also I esteem and reverence the victims of violence and crime, I kiss the lips which express human rights, inside of my cell.
Accept my greeting from my painful cell in Evin prison located in north of Tehran, the capital of Iran. I am spending hard days. Helping peace and cooperation with liberals and Human Rights defenders are all my delights. Only my God is informed on what hardships I have suffered and how I have spent my life during 14 years servicing peace and liberalism. I have hated oppression since I was child, combating against despotism has always been my aim. I could never be silent against oppression of governors and close my eyes against discrimination and freedom violation, I could never ignore complaints of helpless and homeless humans. I have always been eager for justice and always combated dictators .I worship the God has not sent prophets for fury and harshness and doesn't issue an order which causes fear and horror. I accept the religion which is gracious and doesn't let religious authorities act despotically .I believe justice is the spirit of society, when human spirit becomes disturbed; insecurity covers and surrounds entire the earth. I call freedom body of society, in the case of one's freedom deprival, his body will be ruined .I believe attention to human rights is the most important vital services. Human needs freedom for releasing from every kind of bondage. One who tries to annihilate or restrict freedom by planning every kind of laws, in fact has committed treason against humanity and must be discharged from his seat. I believe peace is more essential than rain for people of the earth; because we can cure life which has no water by being kind to others. I believe common injustices in countries are more indecent than starvation for human kind because in anger of nature humans help each other and reduce the results of the disaster in this way, but in violation of nature and certain rights of human, there is no power and no permission for collective protests and the ability of people for demanding their rights become suppressed .I call the past history disgraceful in respect to human rights violation, because governors spend nations life and disturb the relief of people for their(governors') expansionism, they kill oppressed people for their ambitions, they annihilate generations to reach their animal and inhuman instincts. I call the world wars which occurred during current century oppression to selected creature of God and the black results of these crimes as a blot on conscienceless and the away from God politicians' escutcheon. I never believe the religion which calls oppression, belief inquiring and deprival of thought freedom legal for its progress. I call human the superior of the creatures and the divine selected in the world of being and believe every kinds of violation to his identity, existence and ownership are against God will. People are the real owners of the governments and the states and governments are their servants. Every governor has intention to exploit human is astray and doesn’t have governmental incumbencies right. Colonialist in every position and seat who has intention to plunder the humanity, in fact has announced the war against all humans, there is no difference in races, colors and nations in the world and humans are partners and sharer in all are reached from the earth .Existence of hungry in the world disgraces the wealthy persons in history and is registered as their cruelty and lacking of conscience. All people in the world must enjoy the natural sources and products. Expansionism and avarice is the sign of lacking of the contentment, prudence and balance and causes enmities and aversions and threaten poor and innocent people to bloodshed so we must abstain from every tool and instrument provides situation for wars and conflicts. Conflict and enmity are the first step of war, so we must establish kindness and friendliness communication among nations and religions and establish international relations base on favorable opinion, increasing the fraternization and refusal of geographical, human and minorities prejudice.
I am a peace preacher and offered my youth age to God because of peace. As a liberal who has paid heavy penalty and devoted his family and life for a long years because of reverence for freedom, I 'm asking for democracy in all over the world. In my opinion there is no difference among different holy and divine religions; every religion which takes us to God brings happiness. I believe massacre weapons are contradictory with human interests and nuclear bombs are the factor of human annihilation and also I believe competition for producing, increasing and selling the weapon is opposition to environmental cleanness and health and I condemn every things disturb human relief .The culture must be established as there is no need to prison. The governments must not establish the law which gives people trouble. Taxes, tolls and penalties must be moderated and people ability to pay must be considered .I respect all Human Rights servers, from Iran and I embrace peace propagandists warmly. How can the state of oppressed and miserable human be ignored while there are councils and institutes which protect animals' life and consider and control the way of human treat to them?
I had been invited and recommend to going out of my country many years ago, but I didn't accept to leave people and I accepted all risks and dangers with all my heart and soul just because of sympathizing with my countrymen and their need to defense of their legal and rational rights and now I am in the worst security, family and psychological situation and International societies are informed on my state. Notwithstanding these hardships, I tolerate prison, exile, torture and pressure to prove my aims in defense and support of human rights and greatness and importance of peacefulness. I call God and history to witness that I have abstained from oppressing since the beginning of my life, I have loved to help poor and deprived people and I never abuse my popularity and important and high social positions. When armed governmental forces raided my house, I invited everyone to capitulate and refused to confront with invasion caused to bloodshed. Now I call my self a peace devotee, freedom preacher and a Human Rights defender and ask decision centers on this matter to help me to further my sacred aims and give me immunity is proportionate to this responsibility.
Thank you
Seyyed Hosein Kazemeini Boroujerdi , Tehran

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