November 08, 2008

Ayatollah Boroujerdi's farewell before exile

According to the statement of Ayatollah Boroujerdi's family; the authorities of special court of clergy announced in an oral notice: Mr. Boroujerdi will be exiled to prison in Yazd city during next days because he didn't agree to have a TV interview. Ayatollah Boroujerdi insisted on his demands and wishes once more again by a short acoustic message:
Greeting to justice, peace and freedom, greeting to Human Rights defenders, in the name of God the beneficent the merciful, in remembrance of dear country and oppressed nation of Iran.
I announce my thought and practical demands once more again before transferring to Yazd prison from the capital prison, to register in eternal pages of the world history in order to remove all doubts and hesitations in the minds of just world nations.
I as a universal clergy with world thoughts and 35 years services in preaching , Imamate and writing activities ,devoted my youth ages for divine , human , belief and social services and got an unique popularity among majority of people that caused envy of governmental clergies and anger of oppressor authorities. In religious and spiritual propagation I followed my father who was one of the greatest defenders of traditional religion and devoted his life in cause of theism and help and service to oppressed people and was killed by oppressors pretend that want Islam. I am inheritor of fathers who had been religious leaders in Iran and Iraq and they called the interference of religion in politic disturber of beliefs and called political Islam the reason of going out from" unity of God "belief and now, I express some of blatant and glaring oppositions between governmental religion and apolitical one, to world judges it:
The religion we speak about it, its slogan is "God has provided the easiest way for you in obeying the religious laws -Quran" that religion calls the owner of this sacred law, the close friend who never annoys his creations. The Islam that we want, its flag is this sentence of Quran "God is opposed to any obligation and pressures in accepting religious law" it means your God isn't strict and oppressor on his slaves. We defense religion that its word is "God asks human just according to his ability not more -Quran" and says your God never imposes strict and rough and hard laws on you because he knows "human has been created weak and feeble -Quran", human is sensible and delicate and without resistance, Holy Quran says instead of humans that "our patience and tolerance are finished", so God never issues hard and rough orders like cruel governors because he knows his slave. The religion I have been teaching to society, its shout was "to accept a religion there is no obligation-Quran", and forbade religious despotism. Spiritual things I teach are base on this sentence of holy Quran "prophet; they ask you what should we share with others, tell them: forgiveness", it is a public recommend to kindness and peaceful coexistence. Our way is base on forgiveness and easiness and our reason is "God doesn't want trouble for you in following religious laws -Quran".
Surely, establisher of holy laws doesn't send any prophets or any holy books that make people nerves and poor and put them in economical pressures. Our religious school is this sentence of holy Quran "all of you belong to a big religious family and your father is holy Abraham" that introduces all followers of all religions as a big unity family, and the message of theism teacher ,holy Abraham, is "every one follows my thoughts and ideas is one of my family" that its meaning is unity of all religions and close and inseparable relationship among all followers of all holy religions , so we call every kinds of disturber and negative inciting in unity of theists in all over the world a devil movement.
We believe the mission of our prophet is opposed to every kind of despotism and belief inquiring and harshness because he said "the philosophy of my mission is spreading and elevating morals -Quran". We believe all people are God's family according to this Quran sentence "all people in world are like family of God -Quran). When holy creator calls all creations as his family, no governor and no legislative has permission to oppress on people and destroy their freedom and independence. God says in holy Quran "peace brings happy and blessing for all", so humans must live in peace. Pugnacity and domination surly have exorbitant expenditures that hurt people who are real owners of country as people will be put in economical pressures in order to advanced weapons be prepared.
We watched irreparable losses of interference of politic in religion during last century:
Ottoman Empire damaged spiritual things and caused thought and cultural transformation in Islamic countries as will never be forgiven in world history. People under dominance of colonists were sentenced to medieval tortures under the name of religious dominion that its results were: criminals and atrocities by the name of religion and birth of Ataturk in Turkish ,also church dominance in Europe led to appearance of communism in world during last centuries, so human history has never had a good past of political religions because religion is a natural subject between God and his creations but politic has no borer and limits and shows appearances in Human life not heart and inner part of life.
This is my demands and wish of all nations in world that don’t lay blame on God and don't call your carnal deeds as holy laws because this action is a big oppression on world architect and makes him angry that it ( the anger of God ) is the reason of starvation, drought, earthquake, sickness , conflict and cruelty.
With the wish of success for all people in world
Seyed Hosein Kazemeini Boroujerdi – Evin Prison – Nov 2008


Unknown said...

we ask HRA to help him and his family.
some of Tehran university student

Unknown said...

rejim try to exile Ayatollah Boroujerdi because they think ,the Human rights Activits and his followers, forget him after some time But no, we dont leave our leader alone.

Anonymous said...

how can a muslim by against th islamic republic?

in koran it says people should be stoned to death. everything this regimes does is according to the koran.

any answer is welcome.

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