November 14, 2008

The letter of Ayatollah Boroujerdi to the members of Religious dialogue conference

Honorable chairman, esteemed members, dear audiences
The greeting of kind God to you who are the divine justice messengers, in the name of God who is forgiving and gracious
I am a popular clergy, spiritual lover and religious preacher who have strived to draw people near to dear God for 35 years and have led many persons who didn't believe in holy religious law to Holy beliefs and devoted my rare youth in cause of this and have a lot of lasting services in Unitarians society and all my fathers were religious leaders in Iran and Iraq and were famous in religious, scientific and moral history. Now that I'm speaking to you, I leave message for you from inside of the chains of the prison which its owners claim that obey the religion and its authority's torture people by the name of world God and they are proud of their religious methods which let them kill poor protestors.
Dear believers;
The crime of this religious leader who has been tortured for years by persons who pretend that are asking for Islam, is opposition to mixing religion and politics that I know it as an unforgivable sin. also my father who was one of the greatest clergies of the capital, was killed 7 years ago by terrorists who claim that obey the religion because of his opposition to political Islam and his protest against governmental religion, and recently they destroyed his grave which was located in his mosque and was honorable and sacred for people, and made a intimidation and terrible atmosphere in that region.
Dear colleagues;
Since political regime has been established in Iran under the name of religion, public dislike for religion has increased and being society away from theology and the religious laws is becoming more and this is the disaster that most of Shiite clergies have always avoided it during 1400 years and never accepted to attend in religious-political meetings. I as a prisoner leader have shouted the call of peacefulness, liberalism and justice for commiserating with prophets who didn't have any aim except joining people to their God, and I tried to reconcile persons were away from God to the origin of the world being by slogan of religions unity and nearness and my thought and practical report card is full of cases that devil worshipers returned toward the generous God by my guidance and various and different gatherings of people in my prayer meeting show my occupational truth and heartiness .
Respectable preachers;
The pervious records of governmental religion and religious states have showed the social decline and have never offered an acceptable, legal and beloved result to human calendar and have not left a beautiful and glorious recollection that of the most important results of them there were the church dominance in Europe and Ottoman Empire in Islamic regions which both of them were the factors of discouragement to religion and the shame of theism and this is the monotheistic tragedy which has appeared in Iran and the number of persons who are away from God and opposed to religion is increasing day by day and this is the natural right of this people because they had an admirable past in religious literature but governmental authorities have imposed poverty ,misery and helplessness to them for 30 years by the name of religion and this matter has caused lassitude in natural beliefs of people. the state of religion in Iran is pitiful and regrettable ,every kind of crime,oppressen and suffocation are done by the name of Islam , thought freedom and opinion independence have been annihilated and belief inquiring is dominated on press and also strict censorship is dominated on mass media and prisons are full of young people who don't want to be under the pressures of religious fogies and there are lot of women who have been violated and been deprived of their primary rights and have got a bad view on religious and sacred laws
Your responsibility necessitates helping us and performing the defense duty of monotheistic integrity.
The best regard
Seyed Hosein Kazemeini Boroujerdi –November 2008


Unknown said...

Iranian people tired of governmental religion and no boday can duress them to choose their religion.Ayatollah Boroujerdi advocated of freedom in religion and said:every boday have enoghe freedom to choose his/her religion.

Anonymous said...

what wrong with governmental religion mahen?

what do muslim have against the IR? isnt all of its laws based on Islam?

can anyone answer this question? im seriously interested.