December 02, 2008

amnesty international USA report about ayatollah boroujerdi's situation

Ayatollah Sayed Hossein Kazemeyni Boroujerdi, prisoner of conscience
Ayatollah Sayed Hossein Kazemeyni Boroujerdi, a 50-year-old Shi’a cleric, is currently imprisoned in Evin Prison in Tehran for his peaceful religious opinions. Amnesty International considers him to be a prisoner of conscience. He suffers from a range of serious ailments, including a cardio-vascular condition and a kidney disorder. He has not been receiving necessary medical treatment in detention and there is a serious concern that his health is deteriorating.
Ayatollah Boroujerdi advocates the removal of religion from the political basis of the Iranian state. He was arrested at his home in Tehran on 8 October 2006 along with more than 300 of his followers, during violent clashes with security forces. He and 17 followers were initially sentenced to death, but the death sentences were later dropped. On 13 August 2007 he was sentenced to serve one year in prison in Tehran, followed by ten years in prison in another part of the country. In addition to his sentence of 11 years' imprisonment, Ayatollah Boroujerdi was also defrocked (banned from wearing his clerical robes and thereby from practicing his clerical duties), and his house and all his belongings were confiscated. For more information, please see the background section below the action.
Take Action

Please write to the following officials:

Leader of the Islamic Republic
His Excellency Ayatollah Sayed ‘Ali Khamenei
The Office of the Supreme Leader, Islamic Republic Street - Shahid Keshvar Doust Street
Tehran, Islamic Republic of Iran
Email :
Chief Prosecutor of the Special Court for the Clergy
Hojjatoleslam val moslemin Shaykh Mohammad Salimi
c/o Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Justice Building, Panzdah-Khordad Square, Tehran, Islamic Republic of Iran
Fax : +98 21 3390 4986 (please keep trying)
Email : ( mark: FAO Hojjatoleslam val moslemin Salimi )
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