December 08, 2008

The statement of Ayatollah Boroujerdi's followers in anniversary of issuing the world Human Rights declaration

We hold the anniversary of issuing the Human Rights declaration dear while there is continued human rights violation in all over the world in the same way. At this juncture, massive human rights violation by dictatorship and religious government of Iran, is a tragedy which its stability and endurance obligates world Human Rights institutes and organizations to pay special attention to Iranian people's suppressed rights and help this oppressed nation to get primary human rights .current Human Rights conditions in Iran is below dignity of the nation who is heritor of the great Kourosh who is the presenter of the first global charter of Human Rights.
At the viewpoint of Human Rights pathology, one of the most important reasons of its violation in Iran is the mixture of religion and state and its result is a wretched society which fear , stress ,killing , ravage ,detention ,torture and annihilating the positive human , social and moral criterions in this society is daily and usual matter and God ,prophets and Imams have been put in charge seat. At global level also we witness tacking part baseless wars and conflicts and increasing violation and modern savagery in governmental apartheid and terrorism forms which has caused present human needs returning to moral and human criterions more then before.
When whole numbers of human specially world governors and leaders are faithful to moral and human criterions and frameworks, we will witness vigilance and conscience sovereignty in human societies and also increasing the observing the human rights .
The followers of liberal and pacific clergy, Ayatollah Kazemeini Boroujerdi, meanwhile express their sympathizing with all oppressed and suffered humans in the world, ask for releasing all opinion and political prisoners and freedom of press, speech, religion and women and also proclaim their support and favor toward all liberals and reformists of current age until the time of removing some words like: hursness, suppression and prison from current world culture.
Tehran - Des 2008

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