December 28, 2008

Ayatollah Boroujerdi's message on the occasion of Hanukkah the religious celebration of Jewry

We celebrate the light (Hanukkah celebration).unique God is the source of all energies and human needs some lights which are come from creator of the world of being, in his life.

  Whatever that prevents from radiating divine lights, will lead to corruption and depravity .monotheism causes unity of world nations. All people in the world are the slaves of great God and there is a strong unity in worshiping the king of the world of being and brotherhood and forgiveness of humans through this unity.   

My opinion about different religions in all over the world is that every religion that takes us to the origin of the world of existence is right and guarantees human perfection.

This dear and great day is a firm guarantee of religiosity and theism that should be as a pattern for all theists. I have always tried to protect credit of God unity and spreading holy beings and I have paid it cost with all my heart and soul.

My activities during my religious propagandas years have been absorbing people to unique God so I have devoted my life to wake consciences and to revive the natural love to lord of the world by using sociology and psychological principle and ways of seeking human nature and it has had a rare and agreeable result as it has made the great public movement in area of theology and spirituality.

 With the hope of releasing of all prisoner clergies from devil sections and also asking for peace and friendship for all God slaves  

 Seyed Hosein Kazemeini Boroujerdi        

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