December 26, 2008

Ayatollah Boroujerdi's Congratulation Message to all over the world Christians on the threshold of New Year

Hello to the God's soul, Jesus Christ, hello to the mother of the world of being who is trustee of creation secrets , Holy Mary .My everlasting congratulations to dear and kind Christians. With respect to all philanthropic Christians who are peace propagandists. 
This religious leader congratulates all Christian nations and states in all over the world upon this auspicious Christmas from the center of violence and dictatorship means prison.
Human's history will never forget the peaceful, liberating, friendly and seeking justice movement of this noble birthed and life-giving prophet. Jesus teachings whenever and wherever give humans credit and respect.

I have been put in pressure and oppression just because of advocacy of opinion freedoms and spiritual independence and I always believe that unique God is the closest and most powerful friend of human and never sends a religion to suppress oppressed people and never passes a law to limit a society. He never let someone kill others and violate the society rights under the name of God.
Today, what that has caused running away from religion and also has made monotheism light-colored in public conscience (people are not disposed toward monotheism) is the despotism which is done by the name of religion and the dictatorship of clergies in every holy religion that leads to public hatred. My slogan on religions unity and international union of monotheistic religions followers has intensified and increased tortures on me.

In this blessed Christmas, I wish releasing all prisoners of tyrannies and I ask all faithful Christians for massive and complete aid.
With the hope of Jesus promises achievement in global society and having a happy year without any perilous threats.

Seyed Hosein Kazemeini Boroujerdi
Prison, Iran

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