December 30, 2008

Ayatollah Boroujerdi's message on the occasion of Muharram month Seeking justice and standing against oppression

Muharram (month of mourning for Imam Hosein) is the reminder of the darkness of oppression. Hosein (the third leader of Shiites) is the symbol of innocence and deprivation resulting from religious despotism. Yazid (Imam Hosein killer) is the manifestation of dictatorship. When justice is buried in despotic palaces of time, some blood will be shed in the stream of history unfairly.

Now the event of Ashura (the day which Imam Hosein is martyred) is repeating and in each age there are some persons who act like Yazid and also some persons who follow Imam Hosein and act like him. When ever we say that" we wish we would be along with you (Imam Hosein) and help you in the Ashura battlefield" (it's a part of a prayer of Shiites in the time of mourning for Imam Hosein), Ashura day is remembered and imploration of the pioneer of peace and freedom (Imam Hosein) in battlefield invites us to resistant against dictators and oppressors in every age. Now prison is the pit of murder field .the prisoner by human rights violators and also the chains in my ankle and wrist are the indicator of repeating of history and these are a real description of Karbala (means the event of killing Imam Hosein).

I never forget that my grandfather, Imam Hosein said: "one who is like me never comes to an agreement with one who is like Yazid", thus how can I reconcile and put up with a despotic oppressor?!

I invite all to observe justice and brotherhood in the month of mourning for that father who was stripped of his cloths and his head was cut. I ask for revealing human-like oppressors and cruel murderers completely and for helping and sympathizing with all who are under oppression and injustice. I ask kind God to make us the avengers of all oppressed murdered of Iran and to return development and thriving to all over our dear country.

 Seyed Hosein Kazemeini Boroujerdi

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