January 05, 2009

Mrs. Akram Validust, Ayatollah Boroujerdi’s wife has affected by a heart attack due to torments and tortures of government

Because of this event, Ayatollah Boroujerdi sent an audio message on 5 January 2009 that has been brought to your ears:

Today I called home and informed that my wife has had a heart attack and has been bedridden in C.C.U in Tehran Clinic hospital. She has been tortured physically and psychologically for a long time during my campaigns. She was kidnapped by Ministry of Information agents 10 years ago and was anaesthetized illegally and continuously that I don’t know what they did about her at that time and she was affected by brain disease as a result of this matter as the related medical documents are available, also she has been tortured and violated during this two and half years as it has caused to mental, neurology and interior diseases on her. Now, while my family has been taken as hostage by despotic government and my relatives and followers have no life security, I ask all legal, spiritual and human organizations to help us and defend my family in my absence.

This anti-religion regime has threatened and tortured my wife and children to annihilate me as a religious leader in order to I leave my demands and put up with governmental clergies. It's a shame that although they have imprisoned and chained a father for many years, but they use psychological and feeling ways and detain his family to annihilate him.

I condemn illegal and unjust actions of the pretenders of religion and politics and I ask oppressed nation of Iran to pray God to save my family and the families of deprived prisoners also I ask the United Nations to have more exact observation on Human Rights process in Iran.

 Respectfully yours

 Seyed Hosein Kazemeini Boroujerdi 

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