January 14, 2009

The liberal prisoner, Ayatollah Kazemeini Boroujerdi is driven to extremities

Today morning January 15, 2009, the religious government of Iran transferred the pacific clergy, Ayatollah Kazemeini Boroujerdi from military section to narcotic addicts section in order to make more restricts in his communication with out of prison. It's necessary to say that the reflex of his pacific revealing and taking positions specially his views on necessity of abstaining from war and bloodshed and also of making peace between Arabs and Israel on mass media and in Human Rights Societies led to severe anger and hostile decision of Government against him. Please pay attention that the intensity of cold and wet in narcotic addicts section will increase the intensity of his diseases and gravity of his state.

 " Today they transferred me to another section and change my place to torture me more than before. I have faced with new and more serious problems in this part of Yazd prison such as cold and restriction in using telephone. The goal of despotic government is ruining my resistance and stifling my voice.

Now once again I ask my attorneys in and out of country to announce their protests against Human Rights violation and against denial of freedom for a religious prisoner leader and to ask Prisoners Defenders organizations to increase and intensify their delivering movement and also to ask world's mass media to help to remove severe and heavy restrictions on me. Cutting off my phone calls indicates blocking the procedure of Human Rights Watch in medieval prisons. Suffocating and detaining a preacher of freedom and belief independence in appalling sections of religious government purports blocking effective and permanent news in current world.

I am spending regrettable time as I need immediate help of world's societies."

It is necessary to mention that above news has been confirmed by Human Rights Activists in Iran 

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