January 13, 2009

Mr. Boroujerdi’s comments regarding the Arab-Israeli conflict

We have all inherited from the wise Abraham who is the father of monotheists; and all divine religions and faiths lead to him. Any conflict and hatred among the followers of these Abrahamic religions, will incur the displeasure of this great monotheist teacher. The roots of conflicts among those members of the divine doctrines are the villainous and malevolent deeds of the autocrats and dictators who are devoid of all logic, convictions, sagacity and legitimacy. Indeed, how could there be a conflict between the converts and the source when all goals are divine and sacred?
When we know that the Prophet Abraham is the father of Issac and Ismail and Issac is the inheritor of Judaism and Ismail is the father of the Arabs, and that Judaism and Christianity are the children of Israel, we must therefore conclude that Arabs and Israelis are in fact cousins. How can bloodshed and animosity then be acceptable? Is the Arab-Israeli conflict in keeping with the substance of the revelation? How can respect and affinity not be observed?

I seek peace and honesty among those followers of the religions that inspire compassion and which bring human beings closer to their Gods.   Let us all come together to live and worship, and turn the world into a beautiful and revitalizing place. History will never forget the Crusades whose evil plans, where those Abrahamic followers came to blows against each other and who compromised their dignity and vitality. We who acknowledged the brotherhood and unity with the Bani-Omayeds and Bani-Abbassids who slaughtered the Shia Imams, how can we  be in vicious and murderous conflict with the children of Abraham?!

 I wish for the freedom and independence of all pure and harmonious  thoughts and for liberating the world from all contemptuous and tyrannical conflicts.

Seyyed Hossein Kazemeini-Boroujerdi

Evin Prison, Tehran, Iran

 Translated and edited by: Banafsheh zand

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