January 20, 2009

Dear Dr. Barack Hosein Obama The honorable president of the United States of America

Warm greeting to you, the respectable peacemaker, and the heartiest congratulation on your success in presidential election. I respect to the gentle nation of the United States and I wish you further glories in all over the world.

I, the prisoner religious leader, have been tortured in various appalling sections of Evin prison for a long time because of my opposition to political religion and governmental Islam and my family is the victim of Iranian authorities' crimes and all followers of the thought of "protest against interference of state in spirituality" who helped me in protesting against governmental clergies have been violated psychologically and physically. I'm waiting for the extensive movement of legal societies and human organizations of United Nations to(they) prevent from continuation of the religious despotism and prohibit annihilation of thought freedom and belief independence by their extensive and multilateral attendance in Security Council of the United Nations. As a public prosecutor of society who is asking for deleting the belief inquiring from personal life of people and annihilating the thought and cultural censorship in Iranian society, I ask you the propagandist of liberalism, to propound and follow up my complaint in Human Right supreme court and in this way prevent from further profanity by Iran government, because it's 30 years that they have obviously oppressed on people by the name of kind God and no body has permit to critic and they torture me who have opposed to the regime of Iran pretends that acts base on religious laws, for along time by different kinds of inhuman and unjust penalties .

 Selecting a person, who is not from the white race, frustrated all the long time negative propagandas of dictator government of Iran regarding to partiality, injustice and racialism of west. Your entrance to Whit House expresses the absolute freedom, reverence for all humanity and non existence of humiliation people in west .So, I shout while I'm in dictatorship fetters and chains, I ask you to reflect the complaints of people were deluded 30 years ago by the appearances of persons who pretended are pious and they (the people) devoted all their life and possessions for these liar religious persons and now unlike the commitments of leaders of present Enghelab that had promised to bring independence, freedom, republicanism and religion, there are no happiness, no relief, no honor and no healthiness. I consider you as a peacemaker and redeemer so, please come and save us from the dominance of terrorism oppressors and inform the world about our situation and bring philanthropists to help us.

Respectfully yours

Seyed Hosein Kazemeini Boroujerdi

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