January 19, 2009

Two ladies of Ayatollah Boroujerdi’s followers have been summoned to Special Court of Clergy

Human Rights Activists in Iran
Ladies Narges Ghafarzade and Maryam Azimi have to attend the special Court of Clergy on wedensday morning 22 January 2009 according to the summonses have been revieved by them. The reason of calling and sort of their crime has not been mentioned in these summonses.
Mrs. Ghafarzade has been detained three times as yet, once on 29 July 2006, then on 8 Oct 2006 and last one on 25 Nove 2007, the relevant officers have illegally confiscated many of her belongs along with all her personal things by referral to her house during these detentions.
Mrs. Maryam Azimi has been detained two times too, once on 8 Oct 2006 and then on 25 Nove 2007.
These two ladies have been tortured, ill-treated and inquired in 240, 209 and Nesuan (special section for women) sections of Evin prison and now they are suffering from physical and psychological diseases due to these pressures.

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