August 01, 2010

Dissident Cleric Hossein Kazemini Boroujerdi Banned from Prison Visit with His Family

RAHANA: When the family of Hossein kazemini Boroujerdi went to visit him in prison on July 24th, the authorities did not allow them to meet him and claimed that based on a order from the Clerical Court, prison visits with the detained clerics has been reduced to once a month.
According to the RAHANA reporter, his family has not been allowed to visit him for 4 months.
He has sent a letter to the Clerical Prosecutor’s Office in order to object to this situation.
He had been in critical physical condition recently and is currently having a very hard time in prison.
He has been deprived of medical attention despite the major complications with his legs and vision.
According to his family, he is losing his vision and is not able to maintain his balance when standing or moving. He is becoming paralyzed.
Hossein Kazemeni Boroujerdi who opposes the current Iranian regime was detained in 2006 and sentenced to 11 years of imprisonment and confiscation of his properties. He is currently held in the Evin Prison.

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