August 26, 2010

Clergy uniform, a symbol of anti-pacifism and avarice

Clergy uniform, a symbol of anti-pacifism and avarice I was in my cell, thinking of Mabas day that is a festival and great day for governors and an undesirable day for other people. I told my lock and cell that bravo to my 30th father (Prophet Mohammad) who the aim of his mission was so great, but now it has been reversed and altered by worldly governors!

I was thinking about my grandfathers who attempted to spread Islam religion and devoted their life on it, and about plundering Islam by its worldly claimers too. I was analyzing the difference between political religion and religion without politics and the thirty-year-old report of the governmental religion, suddenly I got out of breath and fainted in the cell where was not proper even for keeping wild animals. But the oppressed prisoners came to me and helped me become better by caressing and giving me water and sugar.
When I became better I addressed my grandfather (Prophet Mohammad) I complained and said: “you are witness that my sin and crime is defense of the holy word of God (divine inspiration) which has been distorted by governmental scholars! I couldn’t be the witness of ruining your trust and credit which is your mission, by those who seek power, wealth and hypocrisy, and be silent. They are annihilating your trust by using the thesis” our religion is that very our policy”! Yesterday they killed the real Imams who were appointed by God in Ghadir, by using caliphate mask and today they kill and torture zealous seyyeds (the descendants of the prophet) and those great men who are zealous in defense of the ideal of holy prophet, Ali and Fatima, physically and psychologically, by using Vilayat mask!”
Father (holy Mohammad)!
I am so sorry to see that they oppress and torture people by your name and make Muslims leave their traditional religion.
Please look at the state of the prisoners of Evin at this Mabas; they are being tortured here under your name and your religion and because of this they unjustly harbor enmity against you and your children and wish annihilation for your religion.
You are witness that how they (governmental clergies) imposed the most cruel and difficult days on your Islam and disgraced it during 1440 years and put the most execrable and ugliest labels on your tradition and book to dominate power throne during their ephemeral life, as they introduced you the symbol of harshness, crime and cruelty and made people pessimistic about your religion.
Clergy uniform has become the symbol of anti-pacifism, avarice and militancy. The uniform that was very popular among people thirty five years ago when I came to that position. Although I was a child, but I believed myself as the happiest man when I saw myself submerged in loving people and saw their love for this position. But now it is so regrettable that there is no trace of obligation and affection at Mohammad’s religion even in the special section for clergy and it makes every common sense and healthy heart panicky when it has been seen that the clergies are leaving monotheism like other people in crowds!
O’ Lord!
Please save our father, holy Mohammad from the evil governmental scholars at these last moments which there are only few traces of honor and belief in monotheism.
Seyyed Hossein Kazemeini Boroujerdi


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