May 14, 2012

The Special Court for Clergy summons 8 female supporters of Mr. Boroujerdi

Eight supporters of Mr. Boroujerdi were summoned via phone to the Special Court for Clergy. According to the report of "Human Rights and Democracy in Iran", in addition of the above telephonic summons, Special Court for Clergy has contacted their sponsors and threatened them with forfeiture of their financial bonds and collaterals and enforce the payments of guarantees made by the sponsor as the original condition of their release in the event that the eight summoned individuals fail to appear in court of the specified dates. 
The summon requests the appearance of the following supporters: Roya Aragi, Maryam Azimi, Tayebeh Hosseini, Narges Ghaffarzadeh,, Zahra Abdullah Vand, Zohreh Sharifi, Maryam Ghasemi, and Foroghe Hematyar onApril 9 and 11, 2012.

Notably, since November 2010, the government and the intelligence and security ministry of Iran have increased pressures, threats and harassment of Mr. Boroujerdi. Likewise, the supporters of Mr. Boroujerdi are also in fear for their lives. On various occasions the regime of Velayat-e Faqih has used inhumane methods to assassinate this secular cleric and supreme leader while in prison.
Recently, a few days before the Iranian New Year in March 2012, the regime attempted to assassinate Mr. Boroujerdi in prison by poisoning him. As a result, he is still suffering from internal chronic internal bleeding. Despite his family’s repeated pleas for treatment, Mr. Boroujerdi has not been treated nor had he been given leave to visit his family during the New Year holidays. 

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