January 10, 2013

Plea from a prisoner of conscience to all human rights advocates

Translated by: Shadi Paveh
 Kazemani Broujerdi, an Iranian cleric who advocates the separation of religion and government and has been imprisoned under medieval conditions, wrote a letter describing some of his inhumane treatment and his poor conditions. This letter has been sent to “Human rights activists and Democracy for Iran” and has been published by media through human rights organizations. The text of the letter is as follows
I would like to give my warm regards to all human rights defenders and those who advocate for peace, justice and freedom of independent thought.
 I would also like to give my respect to all the international institutions who understand the pain of the innocent people who have fallen victim to political Islamic tyranny and dictatorship.
I also want to give great thanks to the many international organizations that defend the political prisoners and prisoners of conscience, as their work and sympathy brings much comfort to the families of the victims.
I am a religious leader and have no other intentions other than defending religious ideas, but now I am in urgent need of physical, psychological and familial help. I need the help of international media.

A few days ago my brother Saeed Hassan died of a sudden, unexpected death under suspicious circumstances soon after a brief visit with me in prison.

He had supported me in my fight against political Islam for the last 20 years. With all his might he helped to spread our faith’s motto both through spoken and written words to our disillusioned society. He was in conflict with the religious government for the last twenty years and he zealously fought for liberty.
During all this time he was met by violence, brutality, repression and censorship by the sponsors of this fascist regime.
It must also be noted that my father who was one the most trustworthy authorities on Islam was also in direct conflict and clashes with the despised founders of the revolution. He was a very strong opponent of mixing religion and government, and was killed in the hospital under the most intangible and untraceable circumstances by the agents of the Twelfth Imam Section 10 years ago. To be sure my brother’s death was a continuation of the tragedies perpetuated by this illegal regime for the last 7 years against me as a prisoner. The Intelligence and Military officials/agents would not allow my father’s burial in our family plot and they buried him somewhere far away and would not allow me to be present at the memorial. So once again, I send my plea for help to all of you people who feel sorry for us who have had their country confiscated and who are repressed and whose country is in the hands of those who do not care about it and wish to sell it.
 At the present time, I am in dire need of a doctor, medicine and a lawyer. I have aged so very prematurely and I am physically deteriorating.  Every day I am faced with some conspiracy against me by the Intelligent Services and I face physical and mental conflicts and harassments by some so called prisoners. I am the hostage and prisoner of the Supreme Leader and I expect death any minute.  I also want to mention that my elderly mother was taken to ward 209 of Evin at the beginning of my entry into Evin. She was tortured by various methods. She was bleeding top and bottom and died /was killed after being transferred to a hospital. I also was not allowed to attend her memorial or a visit of any kind.

Again, under the direst of circumstances, I want to declare my hatred and disgust for this tyrannical government, who is burning the country away and throwing away God. I hope for freedom for my poor repressed people. I hope for them to be free from the constraints of this blood thirsty government urgently. In recent months friends and followers have been summoned for prosecution and have been given hefty fines by the Intelligent Services section specializing in inspecting those who oppose an Islamic government.

 Saeed Hossein Boroujerdi

Iran-Tehran-Evin Prison

January 2013

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