February 01, 2013

I will consider February to be the month to mourn the loss of Iran

Translated and edited by: Banafsheh zand

A message from Kazemeini-Boroujerdi on the thirty forth anniversary of the Islamic Revolution in Iran

Greeting to all the meek, innocents and destitute of Iran and greeting to all the faithful, loyal and humane.
Once again, another February is here, reminding us of the plight of the brutalized people of Iran; thirty four years ago, the trust, future, faith and status of our people was handed over to a group of deceivers, who since then, have toyed with our nation’s destiny. They have betrayed and tricked with their religious claims and worse they have misrepresented the word of God in order to guarantee their international standing.
They came and advertised a fake realm with all their deception and the promise of paradise and glorious afterlife. They claimed to offer our people an easy and economical life with all the amenities given to them for free. They claimed that there would be no social injustice or fraud, no class distinction or pilferage, and no sign of destitution and shortage.
 Alas, in reality they made such a mockery of our trust that will go down in history and the evidence of this abomination is clear and incomparable.
 Unfortunately today, our society lacks sincerity and truth as the moral and ethical paradigms are men who under the guise of religion, lord over the political process. And they continue to perpetrate some of the most heinous criminal acts against the naive populace of yesteryear and the enraged of today. How can one expect any faith and devotion from these people? Does the contemporary world expect psychological stability and financial prosperity from a populace which has been crushed under the yoke of such tyrants?

 The ‘report card’ of the Islamic revolution exhibits widespread destitution and financial desperation, rampant divorce, spread of disease, pollution, inhumanity, desperation of the youth, fear, anguish, and every level of social malaise imaginable, just to name a minimum few. The so-called government and regime elite absolutely refuse to offer up any statistics and numbers since the country has sunken into such intense quicksand. War-mongering, privation and social chaos is therefore the absolute and supreme leadership’s boon.

Canned reporting and propaganda, also conspire against all reality. Through spin, bias, subterfuge, semantics and various forms of flimflam, they do their utmost to brainwash the average person, just to prolong their own wicked regime’s longevity. By expending their pretend moral currency and abusing spirituality and devotion, they amass unquantifiable wealth and pilfer the country’s assets in order to pour into consolidating their own kind. They rob from the table of the poor and the deprived in order to fill their own rotten coffers, only to ensure the continuation of the likes of Asad, Nasr, Nasrollah and Hamas; all the while they start proxy wars and incite dissension via third parties in order to save their own from the wrath of the people of this land. And who in all reality realizes that these are nothing more than artifice and that the elections are staged in order to prolong the decrepit Islamic dictatorship.

They claim that their February 12th victory marches in commemoration of the scourge they brought to our land to be a gift to Iranian people. However, all of us who seek freedom, justice and a righteous path in life, beg the question: “If these marches are meant to be a populist effort, why is it that you prohibit all those who protest and dissent against you to march and express themselves on other days? Why do you insist on implementing martial law? Why is it that gatherings exceeding three people are considered illegal? You who claim to support people who revolt, why then do you suffocate dissenting voices? And why do you fear my presence in the street?”

 Seven years have passed since I was caged and now, as I near death, you cannot bear to hear my voice. For as long as I live, I will consider February to be the month to mourn the loss of Iran.

Seyed Hossein Kazemeini-Boroujerdi

Evin Prison, Tehran, Iran

February 2013

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