April 25, 2014

Mr. Kazemeini-Boroujerdi’s request from the Marja’: Break your silence regarding the ruling oligarchs

The new year has begun with a mountain of problems and though Norooz was filled with joy and excitement, the freshness of spring was replaced by sky rocketing prices and more pointless dead ends. 
 During the last thirty five years, instead of the festivities and the warmth of the new years, the dictators have done nothing than the breaking of the spirits and the humanity of the destitute and needy and have further degraded and dehumanized those who have already suffered.  
We were still at the end of last year when the rumors of the escalation of fuel prices. The hidden truth behind the economy was confirmed which means that the resistance of the large majority of the people is once again burdened with malfeasance and manipulation. Thus, the so-called blessings of political Islam further attenuates the dinner tables of the average citizen and further depletes the pockets of the people.
 Asad’s resistance comes at the price of the destitution of the people of Iran and the opportunism of Hassan Nasrollah, at the price of the willful death of our society.
 The decency and honor of the Iranian people has fallen to such an extent that even some of the regime’s own media have begun to clamor at how Iranians are being robbed. From the contemporary history outlook, these tyrants are sending the rightful owners of this land which is filled with extensive natural resources, to their early graves. A few years ago the International Monitory Fund announced that Iran is one of the wealthiest countries with natural reserves which properly distributed could provide each and every Iranians with a decent life. However, the reality is that the prisons, cemeteries, courts and so on are filled to the brim, as a result of every imaginable social ill has been unleashed on our society.
 I call upon the Marja’, the Grand Ayatollahs with the authority as decision-makers and spiritual leaders to cry out (based on documented items that they must observe as guardians of the faith) to stop this destruction of our faith, at the hands of illegitimate monarchic Mullahs. Is that not a part of their duties?
 Why has religion, become so reviled and repudiated? Is anything left of faith and spirituality? The founders and establishment of this regime brought with themselves gifts of poverty, desperation, want, suffering and much more. War meddling in other countries, liquidation of the nation’s assets and the exporting of their terrorism has been the only product of this regime.
 I call upon all Mujtaheds (a person certified as capable of interpreting religious law) devoted to the Almighty and his just ways, to protest and intervene on behalf of the Iranian people, in order to separate religion from government.

Seyyed Hossein Kazemeini-Boroujerdi
April 2014
Evin Prison, Tehran, Iran
Translated and edited by: Banafsheh Zand

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