May 10, 2014

Kazemeini Boroujerdi to Obama:Empowering the Khomeinist rule equals the annihilation of the Iranian people

Esteemed President Barack Obama,

Please accept greetings from this political prisoner who is nearing his death.
I, who have endured the predicament of political Islam while under physical and psychological tortures, have spent eight long years in various prison cells of this so-called religious regime. During these years, I have been put through the most unspeakable hardship, deprived of all medication, legal representation and much more. My wife and children have also been harassed, threatened and deprived on the most basic livelihood and my supporters have all been terrorized and kept under strict surveillance.
 In this country there is one organization that is specifically created to scrutinize and surveil; it is the two pronged intelligence and security branches within the Ministry of Intelligence and Surveillance, as well as the Revolutionary Guard Corps. It is this faction that has imprisoned me, under the guise of the Special Clerical Tribunal and it’s function is to suffocate and suppress any religious activity that differs from the ideology practiced by the ruling regime elite. Their violence and cruelty knows no bounds and their mandate is the propagation of the culture of religious politics. 

To the end, during the last thirty five years of the depraved existence of this unholy dictatorship, it’s authorities, agents and promoters, have oppressed and suffocated many of the pious who seek a harmonious and peaceful constitution; they have all been either imprisoned or murdered. Among those were Ayatollah Seyyed Kazem Shariatmadari, Dr. Seyyed Abdol-Reza Hejazi and my father who were among the defenders of the pure tenets of our faith, which has been sullied by the sins and temptations of these tyrants. Out of the enmity that this regime feels toward my father and me, they desecrated his grave and left no trace of it.

Despite censorship and the suffocation imposed on my flock, tens of thousands of people used to participate in our gatherings and sermons and the proof is there for all to see. And though the news and reports were blacked out and spurned by the regime’s media, people rushed to participate. 

These truths, which have been recorded in contemporary history, show my position among the people; and the enmity of the dictators toward me, and the peaceful and righteous preacher has become the stuff of propaganda and falsities, which is blared out over their media, from newspapers, to television.

I therefore call upon you, Dear Sir, who seeks the best for humanity and continues to fight for the dignity of mankind, to support those of us who seek freedom from the criminals who have torn our society apart and who spend our natural resources and national wealth on the destruction of the good and patriotic people of this land. Please do not do away with the sanctions, in order to help them, otherwise it is the lives and belongings of our people that will be even further lost.

Seyyed Hossein Kazemeini-Boroujerdi
Evin Prison, Tehran, Iran
March 2014

Translated and edited by: Banafsheh Zand

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