November 07, 2014

In view of sympathizing with my compatriots who are entangled in violence, I have started a hunger strike

I am writing this aggressive note against the political Islam, from my individual cell, which has inhuman conditions, and I am presenting it to the realm of contemporary history, through a nationalistic member of the military, who is God loving and is sensitive towards people.   
In order to sympathize with my oppressed compatriots who under the banner of “enjoin good and forbid evil”, are caught in a circle of violence by the government pressure apparatus, I am starting a hunger strike. 
I consider a religion that does not respect the law of no coercion through faith, to be worse and more evil than Daesh and the Taliban; a religion that keeps the people in suffocation and repression, opens the way for skepticism about the truth of God; a religion which in mingled with politics, will be like a lion that does not have a mane, tail and stomach.
This religion of the Guardianship of the Islamist Jurist (Vilayat- Faqih) has narrowed the arena for the innocent citizens and has given the sustenance of the people to Yemen, Bahrain, Lebanon, Iraq, Syria and Palestine, and their Pharaoh style tyranny (authoritarian Pharaoh style instincts), does not allow any space for the looted Iranians to breathe. God beholds, how they have turned Moharram into a plaything for their power mongering, and have turned Hossein’s blood into bridges for their own victory. Is the narration of the tragedies (Rowzeh) of Kerbela during Ashura, not an enumeration of the crimes of political Islam? That they have inflicted on the freedom loving people? Was Yazid, in the name of prophetic Caliphate not persecuting the Muslims, and subjecting them to cruelties and avarice?  Do the people of this land and territory not have eyes to see and distinguish the hidden truths? Do the inhabitants of this scotched and ruined land not have ears and intelligence to recognize the fabricated, falsified and targeted figures and statistics of the dictatorial rulers?
The economy of this country died many years ago, the health of the community has been plundered, and our dear youth has lost its motivation for continuing its life; the meaning of the slogan of the last day of Ashura is the personification of my existence under torture, I am the present Aghrab Sadat to Ebi Abdullah, and the legacy of the Omayyad dynasty on the holy body of the my twenty eighth father - Seyed Al Shohada; they are dancing a victorious dance, and they have kept me into the most dismal physical and psychological state, due to my opposition to their demoniac and brutal policies, which is exactly like our religiosity, so that I may give up my spiritual thoughts and go along with the precursors of empty talk, force and deception; may my compatriots  know that in this consolidated hunger strike, I have vowed to go to martyrdom, so that my blood may act as a sacrifice for the freedom and independence of thought, and the liberation of my compatriots from the harassment of the God mongering clergymen.
Of course, the vicious leadership of the country is accustomed, in their temperament and nature to denial and refutation, and playing games like in their past films.

Hoping to see the pride and glory of the Iranian people,
Seyyed Hossein Kazemeini Boroujerdi 
Tehran- Evin prison- IRAN
November 2014

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