November 06, 2014

Should Be the Interpretation of Religion Contrary to the Thinking of Political Islam Punished by Death?

I am writing this letter from my quarantined cell, which will be sent to the outside of my horrible jail by those entangled in a religious dictatorship: I do not know who will read these painful lines, but I know that he/she has delicate feelings and divine nerves. My fellowmen, under the auspices of a tyrannical regime, one cannot expect anything but distress, sorrow and grief –was the oppressed Iranian nation granted anything else other than this during the past thirty-five years? What were the initial promises of the revolution, and in what direction are we headed now – whatever they said, they proved the contrary with their actions. Those who one day in the future will look at the present history of Iran will be amazed to see this kind of dishonesty and will be even more surprised to see this kind of politics! They talk about Iran – so am I not an Iranian? For what kind of a crime am I being tortured? In the name of Islam they interfere in the affairs of all countries, and they allow themselves to export the massive capitals of this country to be used for violence and cruelties – am I not a Muslim, who since nine years is going through the persecution and torture of those claiming the rule of Islam?
They hold many conferences in the name of promoting the Shiite religion, and they dilapidate the wealth of the poor people by spending them on anonymous guests, and yet, even though I have the closest links with the Prophet of God, they resort to tormenting me for the longest period of time; and the distress they cause to my family and the destruction of my children puts an evil smile on their faces; they speak about the Palestinian children, while Iranians of all ages are taking their last breaths due to the various pressures they are experiencing; the ruling regime which claims to be Islamic, allows itself under such a denomination, to send troops to any region it wishes, and to spend the limitless and extensive wealth of the looted people for making trenches, and preparing grounds for exporting the Revolution – what kind of a response can they present to this indictment?
You people who have a conscience, in this day and age of empty talk, force and deception, let our exhausted cries be heard in the world – cries which are the last moans of those who are trying to promote justice, and who are advocates of freedom; as a young ideological and political prisoner, who has buried his health and youth in the Evin prison, I ask all the intellectuals in the world, if it is a crime to interpret a religion in a way which is different  from the interpretation offered by political Islam? And that it should be punished by execution? Has our humanity in Iran become so senseless? Are all religious leaders forced to refer to God according to the stereotype of the absolute rule of Vilayate Faqih (Providence of the Jurist)?
Is there this kind of a repression in any part of the world - similar to what can be seen in our land?  The headstrong and self-complacent judge tells me, “you either adopt the religion of the Islamic revolution, or you will be killed by the order of the courtier clergymen”; and I say that a “bloody death” is better than this disgraceful life; during these nine years, nothing is left for me which can stop me from resisting. They have gulped down Iran with all that it had; something that I will never forget is that twenty years ago when for the first time, I was being injured with ghastly instruments in the secret prison of Towhid, near the Central Post Office, Mohseni Ejayi was saying: “we are the proprietors of the entire country and its’ people, and whatever they own is also part of that.

Seyyed Hossein Kazemeini Boroujerdi
Tehran – Evin prison – October 2014

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