March 02, 2015

A letter from Mr. Kazemeini Boroujerdi to P5+1 Group

To the Honorable P5+1 Group
As a prisoner of conscience I send you my sincerest greetings.
As a religious leader being jailed due to brutality of the “Faqih” regime in Iran, my greatest hope is of course, the progress in negotiations will lead to peace, freedom and justice and I wish inhuman and antiIranian behaviors of our government will be restricted.
As an Iranian citizen being suffered from different physical and psychological tortures even by abusing my family members, now I really understand how is the morality and credibility of Political Islam! Actually I have spent more than eight continuous years in various prison cells of this so-called religious regime due to opposing to the interference of religion in politics. So as a result of this offense, I am living in the captivity of the regime while I have lost my youth and health. As a divine leader, who calls upon everyone for establishing peace and freedom, and who promotes and preaches God’s kindness over than all the rigid and harsh laws of divine religions, I have been deprived of medical attention, and treatments and access to an attorney since I have been jailed and now I am dying in prison.
Since, the majority of the Iranian people have turned their back to the religious government; our fascist rulers, have no other choice but to increase the oppression on the poor Iranian nation and to further develop covert and overt prisons. I see myself as a public defender for the Iranian miserable and supportless people, whose national worth is plundered, and their youth are addicted and jobless, the people who are living in the worst economic, ideological, credit and social conditions while they possess enormous natural resources and God given wealth, but they are dying as a result of the worst environmental and respiratory conditions. The suffocation and censorship which exists in our country, does not exist anywhere else in the world; the Iranian nation is deprived of an absolute discretion in its private life.
But I expect that you as the great power of the world to utilize your legal and media tools for saving a nation who are being exhausted from the oppression of a religious dictatorship regime, and hence to compensate for the helplessness of my compatriots in fighting against with repressive leaders. I am now writing this letter from my horrible and hideous cell, which will be sent out by one of the prisoners. I request you to use all that is in your power in order to rehabilitate humanity and to annihilate obstinacy, and to create an international consensus against our inhuman and brutal rulers, so that our broken people may be able to standup once again and to live, and so that the other nations may save themselves from the bloody and dismal schemes of the regime for exporting the Revolution and their interferences in countries such as Lebanon, Palestine, Yemen, Syria, Iraq, and Bahrain.
Please do not let those who seek independence of thought and support freedom be buried alive inside the Iranian prisons. Please do not let the world community in future to try our conscience of the world in the court of the history, to ask why the current generation kept silent while observing such tyranny and suppression and witnessed the slaughter of those who seek liberty and independence? Please never assist the religious criminal dictators by cancelling the sanctions or releasing our worth in their hands, because our regime will use his power against our deprived and miserable people.
Seyed Hossein Kazemeini Boroujerdi
Evin Prison, Tehran, January 2015

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