April 29, 2015

On the occasion of the Labor Day and Teacher Day

On the occasion of the Labor Day and Teacher Day, 1th and 2th of May, Borojerdi Civil Rights group respectfully appreciate and support the peaceful demonstrations, which conduct by two impressive groups both- labors and teachers who are eminently founded the cultural and economic basis of the society of Iran. 
The labors and teachers demands are obviously the bases of Human Rights. 
We welcome the celebration while the regime of Iran has severely persecuted these two prominent society’s classes during the protests of their union demands, and their objections have not been taken into consideration by the Iranian government.  
Mass arresting and barbaric persecution have cited to an apparent suffocation and inhumane repression under the theocracy known Republic Islamic of Iran.
We as opponents of the Political Islam call for the separation of the religion from state, and believe that a serious confederation and solitary of all political parties and unions, and civil rights groups lead the people to achieve freedom and democracy.   
Long live freedom
Iran forever

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