January 25, 2016

Deteriorating of Mr. Boroujerdi’s Physical Condition

Tuesday 20 January 2016,  Mr Kazemeini Borujerdi who is spending the tenth year of his 11-years’ conviction in Evin Prison, was transferred to the Evin prison clinic because of an acute viral infection and severe stomach pain, but the prison officials was returned him to his cell without proper medication and care.
The next day, due to severe vertigo, he fell down the stairs and his waist and legs hurt severely, while the regime authority has actively refused him all medicine and medical care or even transfer to a well-equipped hospital outside the prison for his ever-worsening multitude of illnesses which have become chronic. He has also been prohibited from receiving any legal representation or given medical furlough.

Despite repeated requests and the follow-up of statements by the UN and Amnesty international, which emphasis on his critical condition and medical care requirement, he has been deprived of having access to any medical treatment, an independent lawyer, and so far has not been permitted any medical leave even for an hour while he is suffering from various diseases. In addition, there was no response was conducted to recurrent referral Mr Boroujerdi's family, who was calling for his transfer to a hospital outside the prison, by Evin Prison authorities as well as officials of the Special Court for the Clergy.
Yet the authorities of special court of clergy continue to put under inhuman pressure and refuse him all medicines and medical care, and instead continuously pressure this prisoner of conscience to compromise his principles and accept the terms of surrender dictated by Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei.
Mr Kazemeini Boroujerdi’s representatives would like to bring to the immediate attention of The UN High Commissioner for Human Rights and all international human rights organizations that Ayatollah Boroujerdi's life is in grave danger and take immediate action to intervene to end the prohibition on all medical care and legal representation for Mr. Boroujerdi. . We ask for an intervention on his behalf, to save his life.

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