September 05, 2016

Call for Mr. Boroujerdi's Freedom Campaign!

The months of September and October are a reminder of a strong man who showed fierce resistance to the religious dictatorship and who remained a voice for the oppressed nation of Iran.Mr. Seyed Hossein Kazemeini Boroujerdi is a theorist and religious researcher who believes in the separation of religion and state and opposed to the ruling clerics in Iran. He has been serving 10 years in prison for his belief without any rights of having a lawyer, no access to medicine and medical treatment and no furlough.

As we are approaching the October 8th, the 10th anniversary of Mr. Boroujerdi's arrest; his representatives and followers have decided to create a campaign for freedom of this prisoner of conscience. Even based on the cruel and unfair verdict issued by Iranian Justice System, Mr. Boroujerdi's sentence (10 years) must be over, but the regime has been taking him as a hostage.
We hope all of you, friends and freedom lovers, like past years, to support us in this upcoming campaign for freedom of Mr. Boroujerdi. We need your collaboration to oppose his illegal sentence and to make it an effective campaign.
We also will arrange the same demonstrations and protests with the collaboration of human rights activists in different cities around the world from 21st September (International Day of Peace) until October 8th (the anniversary of Mr. Boroujerdi's arrest). Our goal is to attract some attention towards the dire situation of prisoners of consciences in Iran especially Mr. Boroujerdi and an urgent call for his freedom.
We welcome your suggestions for making a better and more effective campaign.Representatives of Mr. Kazemeini Boroujerdi

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