March 19, 2017

Do we say congratulations for the new-year or offer our condolences?

The Nowruz message of the great professor, the politico-ideological prisoner since eleven years, with twenty five years of activism against the Islamic regime, governmental religion and the religion of violence and brutality

The Iranian year 1395 is coming to an end while the Iranian nation is fighting its way through daily routine, in a country which owns great natural wealth and national capitals!
This is while the authorities themselves have admitted and published in the domestic censored media, that thirty percent of our innocent nation is unable to even put bread on their tables. These miserable and helpless citizens have gone through dark and painful years and alas with no means of being heard; not only religious sanctities did not come to their rescue, nor did the religious title holders or those stirring political commotions or claiming to be defenders of human rights; and neither did the super powers or the institutions of the United Nations or the opposition residing abroad! Whoever tried to show some good-will ended up sacrificing a part of this nation’s flesh and blood before leaving! Now that our injured and handicapped professor is going through the course of his treatment, he is placed in even harsher conditions than the days he was in prison, as on one hand he is unable to receive proper medical follow up due to the regime’s security restrictions imposed on him, and on the other hand he faces constant obstructiveness and various bellicosities from some leading oppositionists who are outside of Iran.

Who will respond for his state of paralysis as a result of physical and psychological tortures that he endured in ward 209 of the Ministry of Information prison? The despotic governing regime? Or those who made false promises to him 11 years ago and used him as a mere tool?! In such circumstances, do we congratulate our brothers and sisters who are confined in the large prison of the Iranian territory or offer our condolences to them?

When our innocent and defenseless compatriots find no cure for their pains, have tables lacking in food, have pockets with holes,  have pale faces, when their homes are spiritless, their relations are tarnished, when divorce is tearing apart their families like termites, addiction is destroying the frail youth like leprosy; when our girls and boys have lost their motivation due to despair and disappointment, when hospitals are filled with sick people, graves are filled with dead people who have not yet reached old age, and when those who love to gain knowledge have to abandon their studies because they cannot financially afford it. The haze of defeat has fallen on the contemporary history. Our economy is more than disastrous, and the monotheistic ideology is generally doomed and morality has become a nerve wracking matter.
Now you can be the judge and say if we should congratulate the vast majority of these deprived people or offer our condolences to them?
With wishes of an ideal year for our great compatriots.
March 14, 2017

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