March 20, 2017

The Message of the Great Teacher for Nowruz 1396

In the name of God of the nature, and the creator of the Universe
The one who did not create the human beings to endure sufferings, and who entrusted his superior creation with his dignity and glory; it is the beginning of the new solar year, life is once again filled with flowers, plants, greenery and trees. Spring is here, and is once again promising the beauty of life; if the human being does not achieve comfort and happiness, then what is the point of turning the pages of history.
We don’t know if we should congratulate our compatriots during these times when they are heavily afflicted with emotional and physical distress, or if we should ask the Great God for forgiveness and pardon; when the majority of our people are in hardship and pain, laughter and expression of joy translates into ignoring the pains and sorrows of our compatriots. 
My God, dancing and enjoyment during the day of festivities of Nowruz, while seeing the shocking, disgraceful and horrific figures and statistics, is like pouring salt on the wounds of a nation who is suffocating under the weight of the shackles of hardship and trouble.
My God, what became of the merciful vows which you made to your messengers with regards to helping your creation? We are yearning for your kindness – You who are the benefactor of the lonely souls of our times; the one who holds the hands of the weak of our times.
Today is the day of calamity for the children of the earth, as most of the human beings among the seven billion on this earth are comprised of hungry, needy, troubled and ill people. How can we enjoy eating pastries and drinking sweet beverages when
The sons of Adam are the limbs of one another,
Having been created of one essence,
If one member is afflicted with pain,
The other limbs cannot remain at rest 

I hereby ask the judge of the world and the king of the Universe, the Almighty God to eradicate the roots of oppression and discrimination from our country and to bestow mercy and sympathy to the deserving people of our beloved Iran, so that they may enjoy a real and genuine Nowruz; and to eliminate the clouds of worry and dissonance in the world, and to strengthen trust in the hearts of our people, to remove calamities from our contemporary period, and to restore vivacity and  smiles on the faces of our compatriots.
With thanks

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Michael Z Freeman said...

Than you for this SO MUCH.