February 09, 2018

Spokesmen and Representatives of Mr. Boroujerdi are Requesting to Stop Suppression of Free Thoughts

Currently the Inquisition is continuing in our country concerning all aspects of beliefs, social affairs and credits of the Iranian citizens. As a result, the nation has become so pessimistic to political religion and they have considered all unfair restrictions as religious rules.
So, they are escaping from all religious affairs and everything with the label of religion. Nowadays the violence has been committed by Shiite groups who are blaming for promotion of Shiite culture. These violations with the fame of Islam which is actually abused as a cover for such republic government, is totally illegal.
We require a free society without stresses and conflicts to assure a minimum standards of normal life for the Iranian citizens. As the country’s economy is collapsed, it is surprising and sorrowful to see people are suppressed and executed while they have no way than dealing with the religious affairs and ceremonies to become free from pressures.
This is happened for our teacher, Mr. Boroujerdi, who has been jailed for eleven years in worse conditions in mediaeval prisons due to teaching and promoting the Monotheism without violence and a religion excluding harassment of people. During his imprisonment, he had no access to lawyer, medical treatment and leave, so as a result he is suffering from chronic diseases, his body is totally damaged and he has become same as a lifeless skeleton. Currently this freedom seeker is under house arrest, as twelve years’ continuation of jail, which is an evident and continuous violence of human rights.

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