January 17, 2018

Message of Boroujerdi , the Founder of Monotheism Without Borders on World Religion Day

World Religion Day is reminiscent of many things, and the name, memories, rituals, or Shariah of religious beliefs itself is either uplifting or dreadful. Religions came for personal health; it comes for the elevation of the soul which in turn relieves and soothes the body.  Religion is used to expand justice in society. Religion seeks to establish consolidation of conscience, equality, and morality in the community to give people hope. When religion finds a bad place, either the subject or the object of violent behavior, filled with tyranny, makes a lot of shameful impacts, and it replaces rough empires.
Now, if we want to investigate religion in the thousands of years from Adam to the last of the prophets, we would have a challenge.  Unfortunately, we can’t have a good understanding because the human history has not recorded good things. If now Jews, Christians, Zoroastrians, and Muslims sum up to say about their spiritual satisfaction in their own experience about considering God's promised blessings from the past until now, or the rule of the person and religion governance, the dissatisfaction is widespread in their heart. It means, there is no universal justice in the international society.
While the earth’s seven billion people have divided into followers of multiple religions, some of them are communist or other schools of thought; nevertheless, in this global community, there is hunger, poverty, misery, disaster, and insecurity. There is apprehension, divorce, and addiction. There is murder; there is discrimination and oppression. This itself shows that the religious people, worshippers, and devout persons have turned back from their own religious principles. They confess faith by their language while their sense of reasons has become habituated, or they are unable to leave their own religion for whatever reason, including duress.
There are those who seem to be superficial believers and confessors of faith. We have seen people who change their religions easily and frequently many times; for example, religious beliefs change because of immigration, or under the influence of another religious figure, leaving their own religious ancestor.  This is because religion has not indicated a good symptom in the heart of humanity, while Prophets came to create the smile principals on the earth.
Just as Jesus Christ’s motto is, if you are slapped on my right cheek in order to prevent yourself from blowing up, and release some of your anger, slap on my other cheek too, or the Prophet of Islam, who has recommended the morality and ethics focusing.  When people take an in-depth look at their religion, they find out that the concept of ethics and human dignity is more important than Ancillaries of the Faith.

We honor religion in its real sense which means (Arabicذهب الی الله،   ) go towards God. The God who has not allowed his prophets to resort to violence, and has forbidden all his followers to rogue and abuse practice in the laws. Under the title of “There is no compulsion in religion” and “As Allah wills” religion, literally in the true sense of the word, takes place in hearts, in cities, civilizations, thoughts, and in wisdom. Religion needs to be saved from this disgrace which is evident today everywhere, in all countries, in all nations.

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