January 11, 2018

Open letter from Hossein Boroujerdi’ Representatives Addressed to Vladimir Putin, in View of Supporting the Noble People of Iran

Dear President Putin
With greetings and all due respect
It is unfortunate that in our innocent country, people have always been involved in problems and dilemmas created by dictators. When we glance at the history of Iran, our country appears to have always been exploited either directly or indirectly by the Eastern or Western blocs, and at times concomitantly by both of them, namely during the Second World War when our country was attacked from the north by Russians, while the British and the Americans attacked our country from the south.
As a result, the Iranian nation has kept negative memories both from the East and the West. Unfortunately the past governments in Moscow, by the roles they have played in the history of the region, have left bad memories. Either when the U.S.S.R. (Union of Soviet Socialist Republics) invaded Muslim nations, or when it was attacking people in Afghanistan due to ideological differences; they have also left very bad memories in their satellite states, such as in Azerbaijan, which used to be part of the Iranian territory, but became separated from Iran due to cowardly Russian attacks on that land and later on during the soviet rule, it was officially decided to transform their thoughts and beliefs.

Today, the Iranian nations is caught up in the present regime; if you have a capitalist and economically rich and powerful country, but your people can not afford to buy bread to eat, what would you do? If you have a conscience, fairness and humanity, please think carefully. When the question is about some African countries that have no resources or mines, and their economic growth is nearly zero, every person will look at them with sympathy and compassion, while knowing that there is no solution for their salvation, unless wealthy countries help them out; but you yourself are certainly aware that Iran is currently supporting a few countries, mainly financially and militarily.
Apart from the military matters, how can one justify this financial support of foreigners? How can they deprive their own people of food while feeding non Iranians?  We are asking you if the oil belongs to Iran or does it belong to other countries? According to official statistics published in newspapers, two years ago Dr.Aliakbar Sayari, Deputy Minister for Health stated that thirty percent of the Iranian nation does not even have the means to buy bread to eat, and of course today this situation has largely deteriorated compared to two years ago.  As a human being with a conscience, don’t you feel ashamed that thirty percent of “wealthy” Iranians cannot even feed themselves with bread? Do you know that according to official statements of the regime, the poverty line is set at four million toomans, but that most salaries are under two million toomans? Since you have provided a helping hand to this regime at all times, we wish to ask you: should these people who have come out to the streets in order to protest against poverty and misery, be killed or imprisoned? Are you not the indirect chef of Iran? Are you not the indirect or ruler of Iran? In that case you should intervene so that from now on the Iranian people may have access to their rights; the entire world knows that you are the one who rules in Iran, therefore you should be the one that intervenes, even if you wish to keep this regime in place, you can at least do something so that people may be relieved from their poverty and misery. Most Iranians are unable to even treat their minor diseases because they cannot treat their minor ailments, which lead to more serious problems; there are high rates of cancer now; do you know how widespread genital diseases (sexually transmitted diseases) have become in this poor society? Why has this happened? There are vaccines available, but people are unable to buy them and get vaccinated due to their high costs.
Undoubtedly, you are an intellectual man- do you put your people under so much pressure for earning their livelihoods? Even though the economic income in your country is proportionally far less than in Iran and that Iran is potentially much wealthier than your country. Do you keep your people hungry in order to help another country? Or not! Or do you rather prefer to bring things from other countries and spend them on your own people? Yes! It is for this reason that the Russian people like you. Therefore, we are asking you to please be fair and to provide guidance and advice to our pretending rulers so that they may take care of this poor, impoverished and deprived nation.

With thanks
The representatives of Boroujerdi, the founder of monotheism without borders

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