December 23, 2017

Message from Mr. Boroujerdi on the Occasion of Christmas

Greetings to Jesus Christ,
O the unknown soul, I love you. Although I am not a Christian, but I acknowledge Jesus Christ from the depth of my heart. I salute him as the messenger who was attempting to save humanity. How he can be forgotten in eliminating of this world from ugliness and filthiness? To introducing the holy essence of the great God, that unique healer promoted life instead of death and he gave respect to humanity; so, with instilling kindness and caress, he introduced the Lord, the creator of kindness. 
O Jesus, the unique lord, I have eternal respect for you. You never took the sword, so you introduced a religion free of violence and hatred. You came to resurrect the dead, not to kill the living. This privilege only goes to you. While comparing divine religions, you are a star. You are unique. I do not accept you simply just as my messenger, but you are my teacher. I consider you as my navigator. You never mixed religion with the worldly affairs. You are my instructor. You were not thinking about material life. You did not make a secure house for yourself, but you tried to make peace and security for the entire world. You were not resided just in one city or town, but you journeyed to connect the whole human beings with God, the Lord who leads the universe.
O Jesus Christ, people do not realize you. What you introduced to world were all hidden smiles of the universe. I do not look upon you as a religious authority, but I see you beyond that. You introduced a peaceful literature from God to the entire world, from the Lord who is kind with his creatures. You promoted a culture in which kindness, mercy, humaneness, conscience, justice, pride and virtue dominate.
O spirit of God, I learned from you what I required in my life to discover the original Monotheism. I learnt the reality of worshipping God from you. Even though, people committed crimes in your name during the history just like they did with other prophets and many states committed atrocities in your name, however you were like sun and were never hidden under the clouds of such mistakes. 
I consider you as a guide. I consider you as a leader. You will not be forgotten. We do not look back to crusades in the medieval period. Your name is never polluted; you are the cleanest of all. You taught us that human is the oppressed creature. That is why you taught us how to be kind with each other as we are all suffering since we came to this world. You taught us if someone slaps us, we have to show him other side of our face to let him becomes discharged from psychological complexities. You are placed in the heart of history. You have connected humans with God, the real Lord who loves his creatures. You are connected to God and your ascension to the skies has not resulted in distance between you and us. You are guiding us from the heaven. You are giving us energy for being and remaining a human.
Hossein Boroujerdi
December 2017

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