February 20, 2018

Message of Mr. Boroujerdi, the Founder of Monotheism without Borders on World Day of Social Justice

World Day of Social Justice is a great day highlighted in mankind life. Basically, Justice is essential for human beings same as breath. As the human society is composed of individuals joining and living together, so a society without justice is intolerable; because justice is like oxygen for human to live.
Actually, justice has different interpretations and each individual, group, guild, religion, tradition, institution, organization, ruler and government has defined justice according to its own culture and interest, so sometimes it has become meaningless and unbearable.
If there is justice, no one will wish to die, no one will feel reaching the end of life, because the oppressed person always thinks that he has reached the end. Justice means support, it means attention of the strong people to the weak. Justice is absence of oppression by the powerful, it means absence of tyranny by governments. Human being cannot live at all without justice, so he becomes sick or ages prematurely, he will be afflicted with fatal illnesses, will turn mad or take refuge in drugs, and will commit crimes or suicide. Indeed, justice is same as a protecting umbrella to save everybody’s rights. Everyone has rights, as it is also expressed either in the United Nations charter or even in the mankind conscience which is actually acting as the center for justice. It means when anyone is dealing with others, he can judge, before anybody else, whether he is abusing their rights or he is behaving friendly with them.

Justice is a main principle in Islam, but we observe a lot of violations, rampant arbitrary force along with discriminations in religious rulings. Therefore, the religious teachings cannot protect man against injustice.
Where should man seek refuge to obtain his right? Sometimes church, synagogue, or mosque. But will he obtain his rights?
Had man obtained justice in such places, there would not be so much use of tranquilizers and drugs throughout the world. Because there is not sooth.
Tranquility is possible only when there is justice.
The law of “survival of the strongest” which is a jungle law, has been dominant in human societies. So, based on this law, the stronger and the more powerful is living better. This stronger has been observed in many different cases, it may be a cleric in term of religious authority, it can be a ruler in case of government, or an individual as a member of family, or it may be an officer in administration, ministry or organization; so, in all of these cases such injustice is happening. We endeavor, move forward to and wish for a society without any case of injustice.

Boroujerdi, the Founder of Monotheism without Borders
February 2018

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