August 09, 2020

Statement 3: Accusations still continue!

To all Human Rights Activists and Organizations, Reporters and Freedom and Justice Campaigners

As it was publicized in previous statements by Boroujerdi’s representatives, many of his followers and supporters in cities of Zanjan, Karaj and Tehran in Iran, have been arrested and forced to confess against themselves and Boroujerdi after being tortured.

The file of such confessions and fake records will be used to assassinate Boroujerdi’s character and to prevent his scientific and cultural campaign which has been continued for more than three decades against the religious government and exploitation of people by abusing religion and politics.
One of the regime’s authorities involved in this persecution has declared that the indictment is included new charges against Boroujerdi, mostly including:
1      Apostasy
2      Collection of wealth
3   Perversion and immoral sex relationships with women who are actually the majority of his supporters
These are basically a part of the regime’s propaganda to defame Boroujerdi and his monotheistic movement.
Looking to these charges, it is undoubtedly clear that there is no any basement for such untruth, unless the regime’s intention to find an excuse for suppression of Boroujerdi and his supporters.
It is not so easy to accuse Boroujerdi to apostasy. Because all of his writings and scientific claims are based on valid religious contexts and documents and he has not innovated anything by himself. If there are some uninteresting texts according to regime’s authorities, they have to find why these texts are existing within Quran, Hadith and religious narratives, not to criticize Boroujerdi who has researched, studied and analyzed them for revealing the inadaptability within these documents.
The second charge is actually so ridiculous since most of Boroujerdi’s supporters and followers are from the poor class of the Iranian society. If he had wealth, reasonably he would spend that for his health and medical treatment. If had had any interest to collect the wealth, he would never choose this way of campaigning against the religious dictatorship or he would compromise with the rulers even during his jail period, so that he could save his family and even his next generations! As a result of long years of combat for freedom, justice and peace, he has spent the best years of life in prison, his belongings have been confiscated, his family has been disintegrated and his body is still suffering from different severe diseases which there is no treatment for them. Apart of all these aftermaths, he is still living under pressures and monitoring by the regime’s intelligence services.
The third charge is more nonsense, because during last weeks, some of the women supporters have been arrested, jailed and tortured by the regime agents to write confessions against themselves of having immoral sex relations with Boroujerdi. But the actual response to this fake accusation, is just the suffering and paralyzed body of Boroujerdi and his deteriorating physical situation caused by eleven years of jail and tortures without medical treatment, furlough and without access to lawyer.
Boroujerdi has not begun his campaign recently, rather the background of his movement is related to his activities consisted of advocating separation of religion and politics during 1990’s while he had been arrested, jailed and tortured for several times including imprisonment at Towheed dreadful jail in Tehran. He would be easily punished during this three decades, if he had committed any crime as is claimed by the regime. Because he has been always living either in prison or under the surveillance by the Iranian security services. In addition, the regime so far has plotted to assassinate his character including to record the fake confessions, the movie of which has broadcasted in domestic Media, to prepare TV series called “Towards Zohur” in which Boroujerdi had been accused of having relationship with hidden Imam (an Islamic holy character) and also to publish specific reports called “Kajdom (means scorpion)” attached to several governmental newspapers in which Boroujerdi was completely defamed as a cheater and imposter. Therefore, if there had been any justification for such charges, that would be recorded by those governmental Medias, hence no new confessions would be required later on!
The above reasoning and implications are proving that Boroujerdi is campaigning in a dangerous and critical situation. So, there is no meaning for silence of journalists, freedom campaigners and human rights activists unless assisting in demolishment of this great leader.
Thus, in addition to condemn such inhuman actions of regime, we the representatives of Boroujerdi, the founder of Monotheism without Borders, request all enlightened consciences throughout the world to prevent such plots and misbehaviors being committed by the dictatorship regime against this gentle leader. 
Here a brief of Boroujerdi’s diseases and side-effects of his illnesses have been presented:
·         Gastric cancer
·         Bone disease and Osteoporosis
·     Backache and Spinal deviation to the extent that there is a risk of damage to spinal cord according to the specialist doctor. As a consequent, he is not able to walk, sit without pain and cannot move painlessly even during sleep.
·     Deviation and swelling of knees; the doctor had recommended to change his Patella in 2017, but it has been impossible so far.
·     Vibration of his hands caused, the result of which he cannot hold anything and it is difficult for him even to eat and drink.
·         Decline of memory
·         Demolishment of teeth
·         Recent minor brain attack caused difficulty to speak

Representatives of Boroujerdi
August 2020

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