May 29, 2010

About Amir Entezam and Boroujerdi

An appeal to the international authorities to save two prisoners from the dangerous conditions they live in
We are highlighting the imminent danger threatening the fate of two political prisoners in Iran and we are appealing to you not to let the Islamic Republic of Iran succeed in consigning the case of these two political prisoners, one of whom undergoes regular torture, to oblivion.
Abbas Amir Entezam is the longest serving political prisoner in Iran, who was sentenced to life imprisonment about thirty years ago and currently is serving a suspended leave due to his many physical and psychiatric injuries he has suffered and had to undergo an operation recently. We hope with the support of the international community his sentience be quashed and he can once again declare his political position freely.
 Ayatollah Seyyed Hossein Kazemeyni Boroujerdi who has bravely supported separation of state and religion and opposed the violation of human right in Iran is currently imprisoned and regularly tortured. We hope the international community acts responsibly and supports the release of this freedom seeking spiritual leader from the prisons of the Islamic regime. Supporters of the Path of Prince Reza Pahlavi (S.P.R.P)

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Anonymous said...

Damn this regime for its torture and inhumane treatment to others, they must one day answer for their no good actions and that day will come!