November 10, 2011

Mr. Boroujerdi's letter to Hillary Clinton

Translated and edited by: Banafsheh Pourzand-Bonazzi
  Esteemed U.S. Secretary of State, Mrs. Hillary Clinton,
Please accept the greetings of this Iranian prisoner who is deprived of both legal representation and medical attention.
As you may very well know, the Islamic regime in Iran came to power based on lies and false promises by its founders, and with the passage of time, it lost its public footing, to the point where the international community realized that the people of Iran and the regime are in fact, divided. Those atop the regime of Supreme Leadership continue to either plunder or pillage the great wealth of this rich land, or expand their militaristic and autocratic ambitions.
They, are not only unwilling to change their violent and dictatorial behavior, but they do everything in their power to block any and every peaceful means of improving and finally changing the regime. They emphatically refuse to hold a nationwide, free referendum in order to shed light on the constitution of their Velayat’eh Faghih (or Rule of the Jurist); they employ every harsh method of inquisition, as well as censoring the news in order to suppress the protesting voices of the devastated Iranian people. They have no shame in cruelly suffocating the roar of protesters or executing them. They publicly discredit political prisoners, or worse, torture them to death in their prisons. They block all human rights rapporteurs or special envoys from the United Nations from entering Iran, and they treat all reports and statements compiled and written by reputable international human rights organizations, with contempt.
The above mentioned matters are evidence of repeated violations against humanity at the hands of this regime which also continues to spread and amplify its organized terror. The world is now at a highly sensitive fork in the road that begs the consideration of whether the Iranian people, who actively fight this dictatorial regime, require support or not. Certainly, in such circumstances, the conscience and principles of leaders of powerful countries who defend human rights and wish to see the spread of democracy, security, peace and long term stability in the Middle East and therefore the world at large, are in the decision-making position, and therefore such an important and fateful determination cannot be made, based on the official demands made by certain figures from the Iranian opposition.
The majority of those who protested against the regime of the Supreme Leader, as well as the opposition inside and outside Iran, are calling for a nationwide referendum, monitored by international observers, in order to vote for a government and form of leadership of their choice. Therefore it is vital that a resolution to this effect be composed and presented as a petition, to the United Nations Security Council to pass, as soon as possible.
Mrs. Clinton,
You are in that certain position, and have all the U.S. diplomatic means at your disposal, to partner with powerful allies to make this vital need, possible. Now that international sanctions against Iran are being actively pursued by the Security Council, it is absolutely necessary that problems be solved at the root, where this inhumane and violent regime is concerned. Undoubtedly, any and all effective action will be lauded by Iranians, all of whom are being abjectly oppressed, as well as all free thinkers of the world. Allowing opportunities to slip away will only lead to irreparable damages in the region and ultimately the world, resulting in permanent regret and remorse.
With gratitude,
Seyyed Hossein Kazemeini-Boroujerdi
November 2011
Evin Prison, Iran

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