November 23, 2011

Failed attempt on Mr. Boroujerdi’s life in Prison

According to reports, on 22 November, Tuesday morning (1 Azar 1390), authorities of Evin Prison in an inhumane action made an attempt on Mr. Boroujerdi’d life.
Witnesses said that authorities had made a prisoner to make an attempt on Mr. Boroujerdi’s life during a false fight. This prisoner was arrested for drug trafficking and was sentenced to death. The authorities had said to the prisoner that if he kills Mr. Boroujerdi he will be free and forgiven by leadership. But this attempt was failed because of co-operations of the prisoners.
It should be said that Mr. Boroujerdi’d letters for revealing the anti-human and non-Iranian nature of supreme leadership regime is the reason for regime to kill Mr. Boroujerdi in anyways. Sometimes ago, Mr. Boroujerdi in a letter to Hillary Clinton, the Secretary of State of USA, reminded and emphasized that government of supreme leadership not only refuse to change its authoritarian and violent behavior, but also, they have blocked all peaceful solutions to any reforms and changes.
Mr. Boroujerdi suffers from a variety of diseases. In a report in October of this year that was issued by the UN Special Rapporteur on Iran, Dr. Ahmad Shaheed asked Iranian officials to pay required medical attention to Mr. Boroujerdi and to release him.
Mr. Boroujerdi’s family and followers know the judiciary and the supreme leader as responsible for such actions. They ask all Human Right organization and communities to do effectively for immediate release of Mr. Boroujerdi before it is too late.

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