November 01, 2012

The second-in-command of this oppressive system is not aware of what is going on Evin Prison!

Recently, some voices from Evin were published in censored media already lacking in freedom and independence. The head of state for this fascistic regime wants to visit this model prison for punishing crimes under Iran’s so-called Sharia Law. Although the Judiciary is the main perpetrator of the evil cruelty and betrayal here, it did not agree to this visit.
 What is the cause of this disagreement?
 Is the second-in-command of this oppressive system not aware of what is going on within these walls?
During these last few years when his deputy was jailed in our ward, I told him what I had witnessed myself during my 7 years of imprisonment, as well as what other prisoners and guards had told me about what they have witnessed. I asked Sheikh Abas Amiri Far to inform his own boss about these 2 wards: 209 Security Ward and the special ward for Sepah clergymen. Barbaric torture is very common here. I, as well as my family and supporters, were physically tortured with shocking and deadly instruments upon our arrival at Evin. My 6 month old grandson cried out from the pain deliberately inflicted as the Deputy of Mohseni Ajeie said to me, "Confess your allegiance to the West and foreigners." In the tragic case of Imam Hossein, they also had no mercy on his 6 month old son when they cut off his head.
Are we now to expect a continuation of the same ruling autocracy and barbarism? The Chief Justice ruling over this grotesque inhumanity has stopped the inquiry and investigation because he and his fellow Judiciary know the evil that they have done here. This model prison represents the reality behind 33 years under their fake Islamic Revolution. As a spiritual leader, I have exposed the truth about these wicked rulers. To you as an administrator of the Judiciary: your prison is full of human beings, not animals, yet your behavior toward us is like that of cruel circus owners and zoo managers. If my complaints are lies, why have you stopped me from meeting with internal and external lawyers. Why do you deny me a competent and fair trial so that the entire world can hear my voice? You called me "Mohareb", a traitor, according to the judge. I have been sentenced to death. If my God didn’t support me, I would not still be here as a witness against this sham of political Islam. Now you falsely claim you are protecting the rights of prisoners. Yet defending those who love and advocate for peace and freedom, including calls for the regime to adhere to the United Nations Declaration, is treated by you as nothing more than political interference in national issues. You said that the report of Dr. Ahmad Shahid merely encourages traitorous thoughts and behavior against the system. The world knows that prisons are the teeth and claws of tyrannical regimes. The claws of the Supreme Leader are dripping with the blood of innocents. Independent and conscientious journalists will not just ignore all these atrocities. Our pain and grief will burn the foundations out from under your continuing injustice against us.
Seyed Hosein Kazemeini Boroujerdi
Iran-Tehran-Evin prison

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