November 16, 2012

attempted assassinations of Kazemeini Boroujerdi’s relatives and supporters

According to reports sent to 'Human Rights and Democracy Activists in Iran,' Intelligence forces have created a climate of terror in Iranian society, especially against pro-Democracy activists. Recently, there have been a number of assassination attempts against supporters and relatives of Mr. Kazemeini Boroujerdi, a major opposition leader in Iran.
According to reports sent to 'Human Rights and Democracy Activists in Iran,' the frequent summons and threatening calls from the Intelligence Service of the Special Court to many relatives and supporters of Mr. Boroujerdi have emphasized that they should renounce his ideas and viewpoint.
Recently, a new surge of attacks has begun against the supporters and relatives of Mr. Boroujerdi. Iran’s security forces have been orchestrating fake accidents and committing acts of senseless violence. This has understandably caused Mr. Boroujerdi’s supporters and relatives to feel extremely fearful and vulnerable. These attacks have occurred against his family members and followers at different times of the day and night, while all those responsible for the beatings, physical violence and fake accidents have eluded justice.

Recently, Mrs. Fatemeh. Sameni, a close relative of Mr. Boroujerdi, barely escaped an assassination attempt. According to statements by the woman‘s relatives, this assassination attempt occurred when a vehicle approached her in daylight. The driver grabbed her clothes and bag, which caused her to fall and be dragged on the ground for some distance. It was due to the presence of other people that the driver fled the scene.

Another recent attempted assassination happened a few nights ago when Ms. Sameni returned home from work. Very near her residence, she was confronted with a driver who attempted to kill her with his car. She tried to move out of the path of the vehicle, but the driver drove directly at her and struck her with his car. She was thrown into a corner of the street, then the driver sped away. Witnesses to the incident took her to the hospital. Ms. Sameni’s family are extremely concerned for her health and safety. These attacks are occurring at the same time that she is being threatened repeatedly by anonymous phone calls. It is noteworthy that many of Mr. Boroujerdi’s relatives and followers have been receiving harassing and threatening phone calls. Just in the last month, similar attacks have taken place against at least ten of Mr. Boroujerdi’s supporters.

'Human Rights and Democracy Activists in Iran' condemn the creation of this climate of fear and intimidation through terror tactics by the Iranian government against the relatives and supporters of Mr. Kazemeini Boroujerdi. We implore the High Commissioner for Human Rights and the Special Rapporteur to take prompt action to stop these human rights abuses. We also demand that Mullah Ali Khameneyi be charged and prosecuted in The International Criminal Court for these human rights abuses.

10/ 29/ 2012

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