June 21, 2012

Extensive grounds to suspect the imminent arrest of Mr. Kazemeini Boroujerdi’s supporters

Based on the Report submitted to Human Rights and Democracy Activists in Iran-Abadan, security and intelligence forces have collaborated with a number of government-supported rogue groups who have put the supporters of Mr. Boroujerdi’s, as well as their homes and work places, under continuous intimidation and threats of harm. This escalating harassment, committed by these rogue groups affiliated with the government, is just the latest round of persecution by the regime against Mr. Boroujerdi and his supporters. The harassment includes distributing their phone numbers, hacking their phones, and publicly portraying them as traitors to the regime and Iran‘s Islamic Republic. Many supporters in Iran’s southern cities have been systematically suppressed, including being expelled from administrative positions and jobs because of their political activities.
Although very cautious, Mr. Boroujerdi’s supporters still live in very deplorable conditions, including abusive threats and violence against them, as well as sanctions that include confiscation of their property.
The Report says that these rogue forces cooperate with and get support from intelligence and security agents of the government in their efforts to intimidate these supporters, especially when they drive their cars at night. Their families, including their children, are in constant danger. In the last several weeks, these rogue forces have sent threatening emails to supporters threatening that if they did not stop supporting this dissident leader, all of them would be arrested or be made to just disappear.
This series of recent inhumane acts suggests the possibility of widespread arrests of Mr. Boroujerdi’s supporters in the coming days.
It’s worth noting that supporters of Mr. Kazemeini Boroujerdi are fully committed to the principles in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, and they call for the public release of all human rights violations reported to the UN and its subsidiary entities. These supporters also insist on their right to continue their peaceful and humanitarian activities to promote their belief in the need for and establishment of secular rule in Iran.
Similar reports of abuse have come from Mr. Boroujerdi’s supporters in different cities like Tehran, Ahwaz, Isfahan, Shiraz, and Mashad.
Human Rights and Democracy Activists in Iran condemn all the torture and threats against supporters of Mr. Boroujerdi throughout Iran.
We request that Human Rights Watch and the High Commissioner for Human Rights take prompt action and hold the Iranian leadership, including Mr.Ali Khamenie, responsible for all their actions in violation of international rights treaties.

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