July 06, 2012

Intensifying pressures and threats against the family of Dr. Roya Araghi

 Threats against Araghi’s family, is putting deputy of Mr.Boroujerdi under intense pressure to appear in “the special court for clergy”.
 According to “Human Rights and democracy activist in Iran”, threats on her family continue following the consecutive summons to call her to the special court of clergy for the 3rd time.
Because of Araghi’s incessant political and human rights activities, her family and their financial life are extremely vulnerable to threats.
On Saturday 2nd June 2012, her sister’s car was stolen from the parking lot at her home. This matter increases her family’s concern that other political threats.
Additional threats from special clerical court on 59- year- old, Ms. Homa Ghazanchaee, Dr. Araghi’s mother, caused more stress on her when she was having an operation, because of calling and threatening Dr. Araghi to attend court.
During these last months, some supporters have been summoned or threatened several times by agents who have put a lot of pressure on the supporters’ families.
It should be noted that, Mr. Boroujerdi’s family members have been continuously threatened, arrested and also tortured after his detention in October 2006. His wife and children during these past 7 years were held as hostages; therefore the agents would be able to take him to a mandatory confession and to force him to write pertinent letter which cause parable harm to his family.
Last week his wife, Ms. Akram Validust, was hospitalized for a heart attack for  the 3rd time.
The human rights and democracy activists in Iran condemn all these threats, pressures and inhuman conditions that the supporters families have been subjected to.
 We all are requesting the human rights watch and high commissioner for human rights, to take prompt action and hold the Iranian leadership, Mr. Ali Khamenei responsible for all actions against the international rights treaties.

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