July 19, 2013

Threats against Kazemeini-Boroujerdi increasing

Translated and edited by: Banafsheh zand
The Iranian regime agents continue to escalate pressure on dissident cleric Mr. Kazemeini-Boroujerdi. Boroujerdi, who has spent the last seven years in prison, has now begun receiving daily blatant threats against his life and has been told that he will be silenced by any means necessary. 

Based on received reports, on Tuesday, July 15th, Jafar Ghadiani, the notorious prosecutor in the special clerical tribunal, personally paid Mr. Boroujerdi a visit and ordered him to keep quiet and make peace with the regime authority. Mr. Boroujerdi categorically rejected the demand; Ghadiani is reported to have replied: “We can kill you anytime we want and no one will be the wiser.”

It is worth noting that on the previous Monday, July 8th, Mr. Boroujerdi endured another round of harsh interrogationswhich lasted well into Tuesday morning. During that session, other than the psychological pressure, he was also severely tortured, beaten and the torturer agents involved had demanded that he pen a letter of repentance. 

Mr. Boroujerdi who has remained in prison since 2006, without the possibility of medical furlough, now suffers from various ailments which worsen as a result of the regular torture and the prohibition on all medical treatment and prescribed medication. He has developed malnutrition, diabetes, kidney stone, heart disease, resulting in respiratory disorder and the intense swelling of the legs, knees a joints.

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