October 17, 2013

A short Glance to 22 years non-violent resistance

As I begin my eighth year as a prisoner of dictators, I would like to briefly look back at the theory behind these inexcusable and irrefutable crimes and I will search my mind for the account of all that has happened.
In 1991 when I established the faculty for instruction of traditional and non-traditional Islamic sources, it was in order to expound on the true heart of the religion. I was watched, wiretapped and threatened by Intelligence and Security agents of the regime.
That led to my first arrest and imprisonment in 1995, where I was held for two months, in Towheed prison which was a horrifying and secret place run by the Ministry of Intelligence and Security and is located behind the central post office. There I was locked up and under severe physical and psychological torture. However, I did not cease to expose the face of this political religion and by attracting people to mentally stimulating services and cultural initiatives, I familiarized the hateful authorities of this inhumane regime with divine principles.

Again in 2000, I was jailed in Evin prison’s notorious ward 209 and spent several months in the solitary cells under punishment but never will this worshiper of God, patriot and servant-to-the-people quit his struggle against tyranny.

Through prayer and spiritual interest those who needed the solace and were seeking comfort in their time of pain and need, gathered with me to echo the voices of the truly needy and violated. Our gatherings and assemblies were so well-attended and popular that no mosque or Hosseinieh could accommodate the grandeur of humanity. We therefore began holding our assemblies in stadiums and that was when the corrupt and brutal ruling elite could no longer stand it.

Pressures from Mohseni-Ejehyee, Minister of Intelligence and Security, and a signed order by Ali Razini, Legal and Judiciary Deputy to the Council of Experts, lead to an attack, carried out by Morteza Talayee, Tehran’s erstwhile chief of police, on my house, neighborhood and thousands of supporters who were present.

They were viciously beat and brutalized by the disciplinary guards and members of the Basij who descended upon us in early October. The sounds of the cries, pleas and screams that rang through the area, came from people of all ages, from babies to the elderly, all of whom were dragged away to Evin prison. The youngest of all of those detained was my six month old granddaughter and among the eldest, my elderly mother who died after bleeding to death as a result of injuries sustained from the tortures inflicted upon her unknown Soldiers of the Hidden Imam.

During that time many shows were broadcast on the regime-run and heavily censored TV networks where I was viciously smeared and purposefully misrepresented and lied about in order for the regime authority to continue their cruelty and brutality and so that they could further pollute the truth. The magnitude of my mission however is much greater than that which can be defused by injustice.

The most important reason for this short chronicle is my eight-year-long incarceration which according to the regime authorities themselves, has never occurred in any other case.

Seyyed Hossein Kazemeini-Boroujerdi
Evin Prison, Tehran-Iran

October 2013
 Translated and edited by: Banafsheh zand

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