October 14, 2013

The country has been under the control of wolves dressed in clerical clothes

Once again another sacrificial lamb has appeared so that he can offer his life in the slaughterhouse of history, to the alter of the bloodthirsty who have no mercy on great or small and who behead one and all with their sword of cruelty, inhumanity and perversion.

It is the Eid of Sacrifice (Eid’eh Ghorban) and thirty five years of holding Muslims hostage to the Islamic ideology of a regime that deceives and steals, disguised as clerics and men of the cloth. The country has been under the control of wolves dressed in clerical clothes.

Dear Muslims, around the world, it is the Eid of Sacrifice, so hear the calls of a nation that is paying dearly for it’s religious and spiritual beliefs; this is a nation that is in a state of deadly metamorphosis and it is being put through an intellectual, cultural and social crisis. Believers and the pious are leaving their faith and religion en masse, as the false claimants of faith stain the pages of history that had recorded the culmination of pains and price paid by the truly holy and prophetic.

It is the Eid of Sacrifice, fellow Iranians, my compatriots, you who has endured through this revolution, has given up so much and lost everything, only to arrive at old age while still young. You have offered up the youth of this country into the arms of addiction, depression, desperation...all of whom live day by day, flailing to survive.

How I wish the Almighty who has been witness to the privation, chaos, crime and calamity, would put an end to this oppression and deadly fate. I pray to our Lord to fill the hearts of the deprived and oppressed with grace and blessings and in defense of truth, justice and dignity, smite the monster of oppression who dares to parade around in the guise of devotion.

Today, we here in Iran face the most horrifying statistics where economic, social, ideological and global standing is concerned. We subsist in an atmosphere of total oppression, censorship and tyranny which often masks itself to the international perception, yet the unconcealable vestiges, on all levels and in all areas is plain to see.

How I wish that the God-given assets of these destitute citizens was not  being squandered on outsiders and foreigners, leaving the country’s coffers devoid of the income of the sales of our natural resources.

Lord, please bestow your compassion and blessings on this brutalized nation that has been savaged by the scourge of religionism. Shine the light of your goodness into the hearts of Iranians of faith and chasten their cruel and depraved subjugators.

Seyyed Hossein Kazemeini-Boroujerdi
Evin Prison, Tehran, Iran

October 2013
Translated and edited by: Banafsheh zand

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