October 27, 2013

They have shamelessly put on the clerical frock in order to legitimize the massacre of innocent people

On the occasion of the Eid Ghadeer, Mr. Kazemeini-Boroujerdi has penned a letter from inside prison, in order to once again expose the regime: “Never will the articulate calendar of history forget my annihilation for having exposed the nature of political Islam and for standing up to the monarchic Mullahs.”

Once again, I send Eid Ghadeer greeting to all humanitarian authorities

I salute all those righteous leaders who are strangers to violence and I greet all those who rule justly and peacefully. I offer my condolences to our Almighty as his guardianship of all his creatures was viciously and audaciously taken hostage by the message of this nefarious revolution, which was the installation of a divine governance for the truly needy and wanting. How awful and unfortunate when an inferior person is called the Supreme Leader! They have made such a mockery of the clerical ranks, toying with the length and breadth of humanity. 

Up until the recent past, they considered the high titles that were used for Gods on earth, Kings of Iran, as blasphemy and heresy. However when it came to their own lust, greed, and sinister compulsions, they audaciously dawned the clerical frock in order to play with religion and the foundations of spirituality, in order to loot, plunder and pillage our country’s resources, and create a state of terror in the guise of a legitimate right.

Indeed, today is the day of mourning for the spiritual and devout.

Seekers of righteousness, take inspiration from the God above and express your rage and fury against the ruthless and evil authorities of this regime. Announce to these heartless potentates that your beliefs, honor and principles forbid our religion to be commingled with our politics in order for  a fraudulent political religion to be installed and that by doing so, they have destroyed the belief that once heartened the devout.

Now thirty five years has passed from the inception of the Islamic regime which has brought nothing but destitution and want to one of the world’s richest countries; they have brought about every imaginable social ill, from addiction, to rampant prostitution, suicides and every other calamity which has littered our society and cemeteries. Would this please our prophet and our saints?
I, who now begin my eighth year in prison and in the clutches of these unholy and depraved clerics who have sold our country out from under our people, hereby express my total and unshakeable support for the innocent people of Iran and now nothing else remains but my captivity in the dictators’ prison, the beating of my ailing heart and my bloodstained death.

Seyyed Hossein Kazemeini-Broujerdi

Evin Prison, Tehran, Iran

October 2013
Translated and edited by: Banafsheh zand

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