November 04, 2013

They suffocated my voice with the bribes they offered up

I send greetings to friends, family and supporters and wish them all success in serving our God Almighty and the righteous everywhere 
In my eighth years of captivity in the prison of the Supreme Leader, I have come to know about political realities. One cannot be political and defend freedom and justice as it is powerful politicians who set the parameters and in order to awaken the politicians, it is the political activists around the world who should be defending human rights. However, the issue of human rights has become nothing more than an artifice for some activists and therefore politicians, to use, to either promote or to obstruct to their own advantage. 
The inhumane and irrational abuse that I have endured during these long years in prison has blackened all that is done in the name of the defense of the innocent. 
If in my place, a cleric whose only crime is to worship one God, without the boundaries of religions, a dog had been under physical and psychological torture, those activists would have created such chaos in the thick atmosphere of the media, that the cruel executioners of this regime would have feared for their survival. 
During these eight years, I have continuously written to heads of international organizations, officials from peaceful countries and reputable global media outlets, detailing my situation, but it appears that the bribes of this regime has done its job as all the information about me is regularly repressed and all the news and information about a nation that wants nothing more than to be liberated from this tyranny, is neutralized. 
How have my family, supporters and I endured these two decades of  standing up to this political Islam? Witnesses and world authorities cannot see that they put all the means and support behind people who have paid no price or have had any conflict with the Iranian dictators.
Truly, everything that was ever said about the commingling of religion and politics has turned out to be true and people such as myself have been sacrificed to the schemes of unilateral and stalwart political actors.
 I, as an apostle of the Almighty, a soldier for my country and a servant of the people, did not confront the murderous authorities of this regime in order to gain political advantage; all I wanted to do was to expose the intentions of a bunch of ‘clerics’ who in actual fact, sell their so-called religion for power. I have never chased after any materialistic gains or governmental eminence.
My purpose in writing this is to express my heartache and sorrow to those who follow my case and to those who protest against violence and oppression either in social, written or spoken forms, that the future generations who will look at history will be aghast. Either way, this writer is on the verge of death and has no hope other than the liberation of Iran from this calamity.

Seyyed Hossein Kazemeini-Boroujerdi
Evin Prison, Tehran, Iran

October 2013
Translated and edited by: Banafsheh zand

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