November 12, 2013

Moharram and the Importance of a Secularist Movement

I embark upon my eighth Moharram in prison. One thousand four hundred years ago, twenty eight generations back, Imam Hossein who is my ancestor, was also held captive by a religious dictatorship. He had revolted against that political religion in order to free faith from Yazid’s political pollution. So Hossein stood firm, armed with his faith and gave his, his families and friends lives to that cause. Today, that same tragedy has been repeated and I, the descendant of the prophet, who stands in defense of the merciful God who has been misrepresented by the plot of a religious regime which oppresses, violates and suffocates and in the name of divinity promotes the crimes of the Supreme Leader. Therefore, I now suffer the same calamity that my innocent forefathers faced.
It is now Moharram and the time for mourning Imam Hossein’s sacrifices to alter of despotic greed. This regime’s bloodthirsty tyrants used Hossein’s name to win the hearts and minds of those who truly believed in him but they bamboozled all out of their wickedness and avarice, just to gain control of the government. They have depleted the innocent people who were in search of a better life. 

Now is the time where all those faithful to Hossein should take a stand against these claimants of faith and counterfeit clerics who have robbed them of their God-given national wealth, driving the country more and more into destitution and want. 

The social bankruptcy that has resulted from their insatiable gluttony has left millions jobless, addicted, imprisoned and sick and none are capable of seeking treatment. The darkness that has fallen on this land has brought early death, depression, deep-rooted malaise and desperation in the lives of one and all, from young, to old and has become instilled in every stratum of society. 

This servant of God and cleric to the seekers of the Almighty sends his regards and salutations from the dark dungeons of my prison cell and continue to pray for my compatriots to be strong, so that they can free themselves and our country from the control of turbaned executioners and clerical robed murderers, so that we can once again have the soft light of the Lord shine upon us and return to our land all the greatness that has been lost.

Seyyed Hossein Kazemeini-Boroujerdi
Evin Prison, Tehran, Iran
November 2013

 Translated and edited by: Banafsheh zand

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